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Update on the Sept 7, 00′ thing:
Morpheus was the Greek god of dreams, the god of sleep was Hypnos.

Niobe’s 14 children were not all killed by Apollo alone. In fact he killed her seven sons while Artemis killed Niobe’s seven daughters. Hmm, Niobe should really be a bitter woman in the movie …

Thought you might like to know that.

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-September 7, 2000… Remember last month’s scoop that originally appeared on AICN about the new character of “Niobe” slated to debut in Matrix 2? We all know now that the Wachowskis carefully selected the character names from the first Matrix so they could have hidden meanings (Morpheus being the god of sleep from Greek legends, Neo meaning “new” as well as a anagram of “one”). One of our readers put two and two together and researched what the name Niobe meant in literature…and their effort might have uncovered this new character’s background. How much of the original Niobe might wind up in the sequel?

“I was brushing up on some Greek mythology when, lo and behold, the name ‘Niobe’ turned up. Here’s a condensed version of her tale. Leto, mother of Artemis and Apollo, commands the women of Thebes to make sacrifices and honor her. This doesn’t go over too well with Niobe, because she thinks she’s better than than the goddess. She comes along, decked out in rich, fancy clothes and the like, and tells everyone she’s better than Leto due to her lineage and 14 children. The townfolks forget Leto and sacrifice to Niobe. That makes for a pissed off goddess. So she sends Apollo to kill Niobe’s kids. Apollo wins, 14-0. Suddenly Niobe goes from something to nothing, and turns to stone, literally, from her grief. She stands high on a mountaintop, forever weeping as a statue of marble. Just thought that might help with how the character ends up. Maybe she upset the Matrix/Zion, and they end up killing her kids?”

[Today’s history lesson sent in by ‘Max Fenig’. reported by Corona Coming Attractions]

Neo_Learner85 says: Zee, meaning ‘Z’;In Dutch, Zee means same as Sea

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