was created in 1999, with the intent to bring fans together, and report all the latest news on the Matrix Trilogy. MFN Forum is our discussion forum with thousands of friendly members, and a family-friendly atmosphere.  Our outstanding moderators are there to help, and make up much of the incredible creative team that helps MatrixFans stand out as a leader in the Matrix World.

We welcome you to take the Red Pill and journey with us!

-Paul Martin, Founder and Webmaster

The Goal of Matrix Fans is to deliver the latest news about the films created by the Wachowski Brothers to any who wish to know, in a manner that is both spoiler free for those that wish to remain so, and easy to read and understand.

The site was started on April 1, 1999, and opened on May 3, 1999. There were only seven total Matrix fansites online, and figured I’d give it a shot, and the rest is history. It’s been changing and growing since then, and will continue to grow indefinitely.

Special Thanks goes to:

The Wachowski Brothers
Spencer Lamm
Warner Brothers
Bernard White
Lachy Hulme
Joel Silver
The amazing Moderators and Members of the old Matrix Fans discussion forum

and many many many more individuals that have been a big part of the success of this website. Without all of your support, Matrix Fans would be an empty place, and I’m grateful to every one of you for breathing that much more life into this corner of the web.

 Matrix Fans Questions and Answers
In short: if someone from Warner Brothers says it, we’ll talk about it freely.While you may or may not agree with this determination, it should also serve as a warning to folks that are leary of reading anything about their films. The Official Sites open the door to free posting on that issue. Here’s a quick rundown on how things break down:

Any and all TheMatrix.Com (and any official website) announcements – non-spoiler
cast names – non-spoiler
character names – non-spoiler
official photos – non-spoiler
spy photos – spoiler
character descriptions – spoiler
dialogue – spoiler
plot points – spoiler

We will also do our very best to make sure that headlines will not contain what we believe to be spoilers of any kind. We want to honor and respect fans on both sides of the fence, and want to assure you that MatrixFans is a welcome place for both groups.

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