Project Phase: Complete

Who’s In It:Keanu Reeves (Neo); Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus); Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity); Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith); Jada Pinkett Smith (Niobe); Harold Perrineau, Jr.; Unknown Actress (Zee); Daniel Bernhardt (Agent Johnson); Harry Lennix (Lock); Roy Jones Jr. (Captain Ballard); Matt McColm; Monica Bellucci (Persephone); Steve Bastoni; Gloria Foster (The Oracle); Clayton Watson (“The Kid”); Collin Chou; Gina Torres (Cass); Cornel West (Counselor West); Adrian Rayment (Twin One); Neil Rayment (Twin Two).

Who Made It: Larry and Andy Wachowski (Directors, Screenwriters). Joel Silver (Producer).

Studio: Warner Bros.

Production Company: Village Roadshow.

Premise: Neo, Trinity and Morpheus continue to battle a war against the A.I.s and free more minds from the Matrix. As they are joined by new comrades, there are those who cast doubt that Neo could truly be The One to destroy the machines and free the human race. Meanwhile, a familiar enemy from their past resurfaces as a far more powerful threat, and a new mission looms large for the heroes.

Release Date: May 15, 2003

Comments: The Matrix was right on the money; it delivered wonderful eye candy while never forgetting that there was a story being told. Sure, it may have had it’s problems here and there but in the fading days of the ’90s The Matrix gave its audience more value for their buck than most summer ‘event’ movies in recent memory. Heck, even Keanu looked cool.

Old Rumors: A Trip to the City of Zion, Agent Smith returns, Trinity is kidnapped and replaced with an AI replica (whoa.. would have been better than the Zion rave), a car chase with Agents jumping Car to Car – when they wreck one, they take over the body of the driver of the next.  Ends with a Cliffhanger leading into Matrix 3.

Joel Silver comments on Matrix sequels:

August 1, 2001
“Wait till you see what we’re doing,” he says. “Think of a car chase inside the matrix. It’s beyond anything you could ever imagine.”

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