The Art of the Matrix Reloaded / Revolutions

I received this e-mail today, about the announcement of the Art of the Matrix books covering the Matrix Reloaded and the Matrix Revolutions. coming in 2004 sometime:

Hi Specter. I tried to send you a PM in the forums, but the below e-mail is a bit too long. My Username on the site is zoutv. I’ve never sent you a PM before or e-mail before, but I haven’t seen any news on the main site about this book and I’m sure a few Matrix fans would like to know about this book; especially those that loved ‘The Art of the Matrix.’

Man, imagine the big grin on my face this morning after flipping through my Brand ‘Spanking’ new copy of The Matrix Comics I got last night before seeing Revolutions in IMAX (btw, 10X better than the 35mm theater). Only got a chance to actually open the book this morning. On the second to last page of the book it says:

“The Art of The Matrix Reloaded, Revolutions
Hundreds of storyboards, conceptual illustrations and photos

Artist and crew commentaries throughout.
Coming in 2004

Designed by the same team that brought you The Art of the Matrix”

Well in the Art of the Matrix, they had the full script in there, and deleted portions of earlier drafts, so I hope they put that in the book. They also don’t mention if it’s one or two volumes, but it sounds like just one book.; but then again WB really seems to want to wring every last drop of profit out of the wet cloth that is the Matrix brand. But its still great to see in the Matrix Comics a solid confirmation that there will be a future ‘Art of’ book.

Thanks Specter, just thought I’d let you and everyone else on the site know. And I also wanted to give a shout out on how much I love this site! I prior to the release of M2 & M3 I would check this site almost daily. It’s the BEST!