Matrix Revolutions DVD in January?

Many many e-mails clued me in to this. I don’t know about all of you, but I have no problem with this:

The Matrix Revolutions is coming home, a little faster than many people might have thought. The final chapter in the trilogy by the Wachowskis will be hitting stores on January 6th, 2004, according to a notification that was sent out to certain retailers earlier today.

Representatives of Warner Home Video were quick to dispute the information, stating, “The official street date for The Matrix Revolutions is not January 6th. Currently we plan on announcing the street date in January 2004.”

IGN FilmForce reported last week that meetings had taken place at Warners regarding an early release of the film to DVD as a response to the film’s weak domestic box office and distribution over the Internet. No word on what special features will be included on the disc when it finally sees release.

Source: IGN

It’s official… Matrix Revolutions will NOT be released in January has had been rumored. I’ve just heard from a representative of Warner Home Video, who explained that the DVD will, in fact, be released later in 2004. Expect an official announcement in January, but no disc.

Thanks to “Ant”