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We all remember how Neo was able to master martial arts in a single day. In the Matrix, characters can upload programs into their brains that confer incredible amounts of knowledge and skill.

In The Matrix Online, we call these programs Ability Code. Ability Code allows for a kind of functionality that has no direct comparison in existing massively multi-player games.

Loading an Ability Code grants you that ability. So if you have the Kung Fu Ability Code, you load that Code and then your character knows Kung Fu.

Ability Code can be swapped out from your character and replaced with different Ability Code. Ability Code can even be traded with other players.

As you might imagine, this really changes the notion of what it means to build a character; you’re never locked into a specific role. All it takes is a trip to your Code Archive to reconfigure your character with different Ability Code that you’ve acquired.

Now this doesn’t mean that characters will all be like Neo. Neo had the unique ability to contain vast numbers of high-level abilities. Tank even marveled over this fact in the movie.

Player characters are initially limited in their capacity for abilities. Characters start out only able to contain a limited number of beginner abilities. But as your character advances, so does their capacity for abilities!

Finally, not all abilities are created equal. Some abilities require several prerequisite abilities before they can be loaded into your character’s memory. The more difficult and specialized the ability, the more requirements the Ability Code will have.

Acquiring and mastering abilities will be a key activity in the game, but it’s just one small part of what will make The Matrix Online a unique gaming experience. So please visit the forums and contribute your thoughts and opinions on this and any other subject you have questions about.

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