New Information on Seraph? Matrix Online stuff here!

Philosophatrix sent us this information on the Matrix Online:

I just wanted to let you know that in the latest Matrix Online city guide, they list some juicy details about Seraph’s backstory!…e/551872p1.html…e/551872p2.html

“The Pearl Phoenix is located at the edge of Jurong, just at the border of what would be considered Harajuku. Although the dojo often appears empty or deserted, it is meticulously maintained for the very special students who occasionally train there. The Pearl Phoenix is the province of an exile by the name of Master Zu — a name you may not know yet.

Though no one can be sure, it is rumored that Zu is the exile who instructed Seraph in the art of combat when he originally came to the Matrix. Of course Seraph did not work for the Merovingian at the time; that came later. It is certainly one of the more … unusual stories I have heard, and I am dubious of the more exotic details, but there is no denying the prowess of an exile like Seraph.”