Some of Matrix Comics Volume 2 picks up where Revolutions Ended, more Burlyman info

Redeye and Thanatos both informed me of this story at the official site. Click the link at the bottom for the pictures.

We get asked a lot of questions around these parts. Besides when is the box set releasing (December 7th), the question asked most often remains: what are Larry and Andy Wachowski are up to next, post Matrix. Well, for starters, they have established their own comic book company, BURLYMAN ENTERTAINMENT.

The Matrix Comics
Vol 1

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Volume 2

The first title, due in November, is DOC FRANKENSTEIN, which the Brothers Wachowski are writing. It is being illustrated by THE MATRIX TRILOGY Key Storyboard Artist Steve Skroce (Spider-Man, Wolverine).

This 32 page full color comic will come out bi-monthly from November.

For your viewing pleasure, here is the complete first half of issue one, and the cover.

In December, we release our second ongoing bi-monthly series from BURLYMAN ENTERTAINMENT, THE SHAOLIN COWBOY. This one is both illustrated and written by none other than the Conceptual Designer on all three MATRIX films, Geof Darrow (HARD BOILED, BIG GUY AND RUSTY THE BOY ROBOT). Larry and Andy will be writing an intro (of sorts) to each bi-monthly title.

This 32 page full color comic will come out bi-monthly from December.

Also in December, get ready for THE MATRIX COMICS: VOLUME TWO. This volume includes work by Michael Oeming, Poppy Z. Brite, Paul Chadwick, Dave Dorman, Kaare Andrews, Keron Grant, Jason Keith, Ted Mckeever, Tim Sale, Bill Sienkiewicz, Steve Skroce, among others.

In fact, here’s something no one has seen yet, a panel from Kaare Andrews’ story. Be prepared for 13 more pages from Andrews, covering many of the main characters from the films.

Another question we get: will any of these stories take up where the third film ended?