Interview with Paul Chadwick on Matrix Online, Matrix Trilogy meaning

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GameSpot: Why did The Matrix Online team decide to pick up the story after the events in the third motion picture?

Paul Chadwick: The Wachowskis have told the trilogy as they originally conceived it: birth, life, and death or, alternatively, mind, body, and spirit. It’s complete in itself. But they ended the trilogy story in an intriguing way, at least to me. The enemy was not utterly destroyed; a common interest was found, a deal cut, and a truce established. A frustrating, mixed result, like real life.

Like the end of the first film, it begs for a sequel. And since a massively multiplayer online game can’t have thousands of Neos and Trinitys and Morpheuses running around, it made sense to set the game in this new situation,
pregnant with suppressed conflict and new mysteries.

The Wachowskis offered a theme for our first year: peace–and the things people do to wreck it. That’s what the game’s about.

GS: Tell us how the game’s background story helped influence the design of the gameworld–or are the game’s four districts simply random zones of urban sprawl?

PC: The world design came first, though once the story got written, a few new things had to be built. A sewage treatment plant, for one–I can’t reveal why.

GS: Tell us about the pacing of the story’s development. How often is the story in the world intended to progress…through monthly updates, for instance? How often can we expect to see major shifts in the game’s story?

PC: Cinematics every couple of weeks with some delays, I’m sure, as glitches arise. Missions will change; some old ones will become irrelevant as the story moves on. Of course, there’ll be entry-level missions always available to build skills and assets and to orient new players. The Merovingian isn’t the only exile with a private agenda.

But there’s much skullduggery, lying, betrayal, and plausible deniability in the story. Even some mental illness. A Citizen Kane-style inquiry into one character’s background, a tragic love story, the return of characters some may have thought dead, and many new characters. And a city that seems to see the with significant symbols and secrets. The paranoia of the first film is something we’re hoping to capture.