SPACE GHOST: Because I forgot to see “The Matrix” this weekend, I have taken the liberty of calling someone who did. Her name is Voxlux 7 and she works on the Phantom Cruiser. What’s it all about, Luxy?

VOXLUX 7: It’s about this computer guy who learns his whole world is actually a computer program.

Space Ghost: Fascinating! Lots of action and such?

Voxlux7: Super fancy kung fu action. High tech computer stuff – slow motion, stop-freeze camera rotation, fabulous sound effects!

Space Ghost: Sounds amazing. If you had only mentioned split-screen, I’d swear you were talking about Moltar’s wedding video! Anything else?

Voxlux7: The guy from ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’ is the bad guy.

Space Ghost: I’m afraid I missed that one, too.

Voxlux7: Space Ghost, have you gotten a chance to look at that oil-change invoice?

Space Ghost: Thanks for the review, Luxy!

Voxlux7: It’s been three months. My patience can only go so far.

Space Ghost: See you at the movies, kids!

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