More bad news: RIP Gloria Foster??

This rumor comes via Corona:

We have received an unconfirmed report from a source working on the Matrix sequels that Gloria Foster, the actress who portrayed The Oracle in the first Matrix film, passed away last weekend. We have not been able to confirm this news via Ms. Foster’s representation, but the news does come to us from an individual that has a solid connection to the Matrix productions. According to the Internet Movie Database, Foster is 65 years old.

Our source also informs us that Foster filmed the majority of her scenes for The Matrix Reloaded but none for the third Matrix film. Obviously if this report is indeed accurate (and it’s at a time like this we hope this turns out to be false), it will present another large problem for the sequels.

The Oracle is an “integral” character for both Matrix sequels, and our source said Foster’s performance in the second film was nothing short of “fantastic”.

More on this breaking story as it develops.