More Casting and what are the Sequels like?

Australian actor Lachy Hulme (“Let’s Get Skase”) nabbed a role in “The Matrix Reloaded” and spilled the beans on how it happened and how it’s shaping up.

Hulme heard that the films were being shot in Sydney and set his agent on the chase for an audition early on. It was a gig he scored – “And you know I’ll be working on that for the next 50 years of my life.”

Hulme is reluctant to give away too much. “Ï don’t wan’t Warner Bros. to send out a hitman after me”. He will say though that, without equivocation, that “The Matrix 2 and 3 will make The Matrix 1 look like amateur hour. They’re mind boggling”.

Hulme also got goose bumps when he saw the first film playing in the “Virgin Megastore” in San Francisco. “I felt like turning around to everybody in the store: ‘Listen listen, I’m in the new Matrix films, they’re going to be great!'”