Keanu trying to help Matrix 2 production

This report comes to you via the Internet Movie Database:

Keanu Reeves has placed his faith in ancient Buddhist practices in a desperate bid to end his bad luck. Keanu has been cursed with misfortune for the past year – his sister was diagnosed with leukemia, he had a near-fatal motorbike accident, his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Syme was killed in a car crash and then his Matrix Reloaded co-star Aaliyah died in a plane crash. But Keanu is determined to fight back – and he’s placed his hope with the Buddhist faith he first encountered on the set of 1993’s Little Buddha. A worker on the Matrix sequel’s set reveals that Keanu and his co-stars chant prayers and throw lit rice paper into a “make-shift pyre”. American Buddhist guru Reverend Kusala says, “By chanting to ward off evil spirits, Keanu is ensuring the studio is blessed with good karma. It could actually be taking it further, and asking that the movie pass good karma around the world every time it’s watched.”