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Carrie-Anne: Hi! I’m happy to be here. Thanks for talking with me.

guest-bobk: Tell us a little bit about your involvement with the upcoming “Matrix” sequels. And what your feelings are about “The Matrix” being a trilogy? Carrie-Anne: I’m so excited about the prospect of doing two more “Matrix” films. I don’t know anything about the scripts yet. But I’m so excited about playing Trinity again.

guest-sfcarl: How physically demanding was the role of Trinity?

Carrie-Anne: It was extremely demanding. We trained as a team:Keanu, Lawrence, Hugo, and myself. We trained for six months with a wire team from Hong Kong led by Wo Ping. It was so challenging, but incredibly fulfilling.

guest-ebullient: What was it like to work with two directors, and brothers, no less?!

Carrie-Anne: Larry and Andy Wachowski are two of the greatest men I have ever met. As directors, they were a joy to work with. And having them both direct me became so normal. It became so normal to have two directors.

guest-wrygrass: Any funny moments to share from filming “The Matrix?”

Carrie-Anne: Oh! Such a hard question to answer. There were so many funny moments that to try to go back and look at specifics, I’m not very good at that. So no, there were lots of them, but I can’t remember ones to talk about.

guest-DigitalSelf: What does the name, Trinity, symbolize in the movie?

Carrie-Anne: It symbolizes a lot of different things. It symbolizes the Holy Trinity, being part of the energy of three, Morpheus, Neal, and myself. And it can mean whatever you want it to mean.

guest-Trinity99: Hi Carrie-Anne! You were awesome as Trinity! Do you have any future projects lined up besides the Matrix sequels?

Carrie-Anne: Thank you so much for the compliment! I have just done a couple of movies. I did a comedy called, “The Crew,” an independent movie called, “Memento,” and I’m currently shooting a movie called, “The Red Planet.”

guest-anne-marie: Are there any famous actors/actresses you would like to work with?

Carrie-Anne: There are so many that I couldn’t begin to name them all!

guest-amarie_anch: Can you tell us something about your new character on “Red Planet?” How similar is she to Trinity?

Carrie-Anne: She’s totally different. She is the captain of the first manned mission to Mars.

guest-DigitalSelf: Have you completed filming “Red Planet?” And when will it be released?

Carrie-Anne: I’m still shooting the movie, and I believe it will be released in June, 2000.

guest-tardis: What was it like shooting “Red Planet,” another Science-Fiction Thriller, right after “The Matrix?”

Carrie-Anne: Well, I shot two other movies before I began shooting “Red Planet.” It has been interesting doing another action, and science fiction film. But it is so completely different than “The Matrix”; it’s basically shooting another movie.

guest-scifiguy: You started your career as a model. Did you always intend to become an actress?

Carrie-Anne: Yes. I have always wanted to be an actress ever since I was really little, and I feel really lucky that I am living my dream.

guest-wrygrass: Did you have philosophical discussions on the set of “The Matrix” as a result of the film’s theme?

Carrie-Anne: So many! So many! And we still continue to have them.

ILoveNatPortman: Have you browsed any of your fan websites?

Carrie-Anne: No, I haven’t.

guest-Rote99: It must be tough to be so popular. How do you deal with that?

Carrie-Anne: I didn’t know I was that popular, so I don’t really deal with it.

guest-Krushcutz: Carrie, do you know if the first scene of “The Matrix” is a tribute to the first scene of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo?” We have seen both, and have found a lot of similarities!

Carrie-Anne: I don’t know. I wouldn’t know the answer to that question. I’ve never heard that.

guest-wrygrass: Do you ever wish that ‘The One’ in “The Matrix” had been a woman, and that you would have been that woman?

Carrie-Anne: No. I love the story that Larry and Andy wrote. I believe that in order for Neo to realize that he was The One, he needed the support of myself and the other members of the team. So it was a group effort for him to become The One.

guest-whatisthematrix: You definitely have carved a place in the action-women hall of fame. Do you have aspirations to do less physically demanding performances in movies? If so, what roles would you like to play?

Carrie-Anne: My attitude at the moment towards working is that if I love a script, then I want to do the movie. If it is physically demanding, and I love the script — wonderful! If it’s not physically demanding, and I love the script — wonderful! I just really want to be a part of things that I enjoy being a part of.

guest-wrygrass: Were you a film fan growing up? What were some of your favorite movies?

Carrie-Anne: I grew up going to movies all the time. I loved silly movies as a child. Movies like “Grease,” and “Flash Dance.” Movies like that. I’ve always liked movies about the underdog. I grew up watching Rocky movies. I’ve always felt that movies have the ability to inspire. I have been inspired by so many movies in my life.

guest-goddessfile: When Neo went to the right instead of the left, (Tank: “No! Your other left), was that an accident that they decided to leave in?

Carrie-Anne: I don’t know.

guest-amarie_anch: It’s widely known among your fans that you’re a great singer. Had you not been an actress, would you have chosen a musical career?

Carrie-Anne: I would love to be a singer. I’d love to do a musical, and I enjoy doing karaoke at home with my friends.

guest-anne-marie: What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Carrie-Anne: I like all kinds of music. I love rap music. I love old favorites. I love Paula Cole, Meredith Brooks, and Fiona Apple. I love so many artists!

guest-MysticMat1: Do you think that women are given enough leading roles in the movies?

Carrie-Anne: Yes, I do.

guest-wrygrass: Is there any role from literature or history that you would really like to play, and why?

Carrie-Anne: That’s a tough question! It’s one that I haven’t really thought of, believe it or not. Thank you for asking it. I’m sorry that I can’t give you an answer right now.

ShiningFire: In “The Matrix,” your character seems to have multiple dimensions of personality showing through, including guide, heroine, and lover. How difficult was it to bring all of those aspects together in the film?

Carrie-Anne: Well, I think the brothers wrote her that way, and I didn’t really think about it when I was doing it. So it was a difficult part to play, but I wasn’t aware of how I was coming across while I was shooting the film.

ShiningFire: It’s wonderful to hear that we’ll be seeing you as Trinity again! Will Keanu be playing Neo again in both of them?

Carrie-Anne: As far as I know, yes.

guest-nudie: How do you choose your roles?

Carrie-Anne: I look for something that moves me, something that speaks to my heart. That’s where I start.

HeartStart: While “The Matrix” was being filmed in Sydney, did you have any spare time to visit the city?

Carrie-Anne: I had very little spare time. I got quite familiar with Sydney, but I worked Monday through Friday, and trained on the weekends. So my social life was very small.

guest-m02p3: I just wanna say that I love the way you played Trinity, and your chemistry with Keanu. Do you think you’ll make a movie with him other than the Matrix’s sequels? I sure hope so!

Carrie-Anne: I would love to work with Keanu again and again!

guest-vibelife: Was it hard to research the part? I mean did you go through any computer training to get ready, or did you not really need it?

Carrie-Anne: No, I didn’t need it. I didn’t research the part that way. I trained physically for the role. A lot of what I found in playing her came from physically training.

guest-sense: “The Matrix” has a strong comic book and cartoon style. What did you like best about this style?

Carrie-Anne: Visually, I think that the brothers, along with the VP, Bill Pope, created an absolutely stunning look. And I know that the brothers are deeply influenced by comics. I was truly blown away by the look of the film.

guest-UnPlugged: As Trinity, you had a real ‘kick-ass’ wardrobe. Did you have any input in the selections, and did Trinity’s style in any way reflect your own style?

Carrie-Anne: Kym Barrett was the costume designer. She created the look for Trinity, and it couldn’t be any more different than the way that I dress in real life.

guest-Savager: Can you tell us a little about your trainer, Ma Dai, in “The Matrix?”

Carrie-Anne: Ma Dai was my personal kung fu trainer, and he was truly the biggest supporter of the action sequences for me. He’s from Hong Kong. He speaks barely a lick of English. And together, we became incredible friends, and created a team. I’m so grateful to him for what he taught me.

guest-manolis_varnas: Carrie, what are your plans for the millennium’s New Year’s Eve?

Carrie-Anne: I’m going to be with my husband and my friends.

ILoveNatPortman: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Carrie-Anne: I love hanging out, going to movies, drinking coffee, going for walks, and sleeping. 🙂

ILoveNatPortman: What did you think of “The Matrix” script when you first read it?

Carrie-Anne: It was complicated when I first read it. It took me quite a few times of reading the script to understand it, but I knew it was something very special from the moment that I read it.

ILoveNatPortman: Are you a pretty big Internet person? Do you use it a lot?

Carrie-Anne: I don’t use it at all.

Redraptor: How do you feel about the idea of “The Matrix” growing into a cult film? Something like some even call the next “Star Wars.”

Carrie-Anne: I think it’s exciting. I think “The Matrix” is such a wonderful movie. And to think that I’m part of something that people enjoy so much is so thrilling for me.

guest-aol_matrix_clique: I know this is kind of a dumb question, but here it goes. The ‘goop’ in “The matrix,” that you guys ate, what was it made out of really?

Carrie-Anne: It was rice with honey. And it tasted amazing, believe it or not!

guest-goddessfile: If there were anything about Trinity’s character/persona you could change, what would it be?

Carrie-Anne: Oh, I don’t know! I can’t change it, so I try not to think about things like that.

Sith-Baby-One: Carrie-Anne, first of all, you are Awesome! Do you feel fame and fortune has changed you in any way?

Carrie-Anne: Thank you for the compliment. And no, I don’t.

TheRock842: When you saw the movie for the first time, what was your reaction at seeing yourself performing impossible stunts?

Carrie-Anne: It was pretty exciting to see the action sequences that I had trained so long for, come together. It was really, really exciting.

guest-manolis_varnas: Carrie-Anne, did you ever use virtual reality? And do you think this kind of game is something that is very great for our century?

Carrie-Anne: I’ve never used it, and it makes me a little nervous, actually.

guest-HawaiianJon: Aloha Carrie! I loved you in “The Matrix!” You’re my new, favorite actress. Did you do all of your stunts? And did you know the martial arts before the movie?

Carrie-Anne: No, I didn’t. Like I said, I trained with the wire team for six months. I had never done anything like that before. Thank you for such a nice compliment.

guest-sfcarl: How did you become involved with “The Matrix?” Was there a casting call, or were you approached?

Carrie-Anne: I auditioned for the movie six times. I got the movie after auditioning for it six times.

guest-sense: Would you, in the future, like to do other things in film making (besides acting), like executive producing, writing or something like that?

Carrie-Anne: Yes. I love movies, and I love the idea of being part of making them. I’d be very open to other possibilities.

guest-Ashley: Carrie, Is your ankle doing all right? I heard you hurt it.

Carrie-Anne: Yes, it is healed. Thank you very much for asking.

guest-ZEUS: Did you keep any souvenirs from the movie?

Carrie-Anne: I didn’t. I didn’t keep anything.

guest-Twitch: Carrie, did you have to stay on a certain diet to keep fit for the movie?

Carrie-Anne: Yes. I did. I was on a pretty strict protein vegetable diet for the whole time.

asiapurple: Do you believe that our world may really be in danger from our overreliance on technology?

Carrie-Anne: Yeah. I think that it can be a wonderful resource, but I think it can also create detachment from reality.

ShiningFire: “The Matrix” is easily one of the best films of the decade. Did you have any idea how big it would be when you were shooting it?

Carrie-Anne: No. I thought it was a really special movie, but I tried not to expect anything. I believe that when you expect things, you can be disappointed. So it was real exciting to see people enjoy the film so much.

guest-stillpluggedin: What was the physical demand on you during the filming of this movie? I mean, where was the line when it came to stunts?

Carrie-Anne: Well, anything that is too dangerous for an actor to do, a stunt person does. The things that I did in the movie were taught to me over a long period of time. My well being and safety were taken care of completely.

ShiningFire: Every time I saw “The Matrix” in theaters (5 times), the audience’s reaction to various scenes was wonderful! Did you go to see your movie in theaters? And if so, what did you think of the audience reaction?

Carrie-Anne: I did see the movie in a movie theater, and the audience’s reaction was so exciting for me. I was so thrilled to see people and hear people cheering my character on during the opening fight. And it was so exciting to be in a movie theater where the audience participated. It was truly a thrill for me.

guest-Trinity99: Where can I write to get an autograph, or send fan mail?

Carrie-Anne: I don’t have a fan site, so I’m afraid that I don’t know.

guest-alice: Have you read the scripts of “The Matrix” sequels yet? If so, do you like them, and do you like Trinity’s role in them?

Carrie-Anne: I haven’t read them yet.

guest-manolis_varnas: Carrie, what do you think was the secret of the success of “The Matrix?”

Carrie-Anne: Gosh, I don’t know! No, that’s not true. I know! The Wachowski brothers!

ShiningFire: Was there ever a moment when you wondered, “What if the premise of this movie is actually true?”

Carrie-Anne: Sure, I think it a lot. I think that in our lives, we are controlled by lots of different things. The metaphor that the brothers used with the computers could be anything in your life that controls you, and tells you who you are.

HeartStart: What advice do you have for people who want to become an actor/actress?

Carrie-Anne: I’m a big believer in living your dream. And I know that the people in my life who have a desire to be an actor have a dream that usually starts really young. The best advice I could give anyone would be to surround yourself with people who tell you that you can do anything you want.

guest-Lauren: Is it difficult to motivate yourself when acting in front of a blue screen?

Carrie-Anne: Well, for “The Matrix,” I only did a couple of days of acting with blue screen. It can be difficult, but it’s part of the job.

guest-DIEGO491: Did you like the soundtrack? I think it is the best! Hi! I’m Diego from Chile.

Carrie-Anne: I loved the soundtrack!

guest-goddessfile: Who of all the cast members had the best sense of humor while filming?

Carrie-Anne: The whole group of them made me laugh, so I couldn’t say just one person.

guest-Lauren: I read the original script online, and I noticed that it differed from the movie script. Were the changes made before the filming began, or did the Wachowski brothers change it while seeing the scenes come together through the actors?

Carrie-Anne: I’m not sure because I don’t know what script they read. The script that I received was pretty true to the script that was shot.

guest-Bert: What is one quality that you and your character share?

Carrie-Anne: We have the same eye color.

guest-wade: Could you tell us a little about your upcoming movie with Val Kilmer? I’m very excited about it since I’m a fan of you and Val.

Carrie-Anne: It’s called, “The Red Planet,” and it’s about the first manned mission to Mars.

guest-aol_matrix_clique: In the scene were Neo is getting scolded by the Metacortex boss, are the window washers the Wachowski brothers?

Carrie-Anne: No.

guest-frenchtwist: Did you have an idea of what the finished film would look like before the effects were added?

Carrie-Anne: Yeah. I had an idea, but I was blown away with the finished product.

guest-aussiestud: The film was shot in Australia, but it has a slight Urban-American look. Tell us a little about shooting on location in Australia.

Carrie-Anne: Sydney is an incredible city. The crew there rocked! And it was a wonderful time in my life.

guest-alice: What do you think about the fact that there are lots of websites about you, and that you have lots of fans?

Carrie-Anne: To be honest, I didn’t know that I had lots of websites. So I don’t know. I think it’s good!

guest-caz11111: Hi, Carrie-Anne. Congratulations, from one Canadian to another, on a terrific performance in “The Matrix.” Do you think it will be difficult to find a role to top this one?

Carrie-Anne: Yes, I do. And thank you for the congratulations, Canadian 🙂

guest-T-man: Where are your roots, and do you return to them regularly?

Carrie-Anne: I’m from Vancouver, Canada. I don’t go home enough, but I plan to go home more often.

ShiningFire: When you saw “The Matrix” film for the first time, what did you think of the completed project? Was it anything like you pictured while making it?

Carrie-Anne: I was completely and totally blown away.

bill_kidd: How do you feel about your acting abilities? Did “The Matrix” put them to the test?

Carrie-Anne: It was a challenging role for me. I did my best, but I think that there is always room for learning and growing. Hopefully, I will have an opportunity to continue to learn and grow as an actor.

guest-andrew395: What was it like working with state-of-the-art special effects?

Carrie-Anne: Well, as an actor working on a film, you don’t really get to see the special effects until you see the movie. So the finished product was so amazing. It’s exciting to be part of new things.

guest-manolis_varnas: Carrie, how many times did you shoot a scene in the movie, and was it difficult?

Carrie-Anne: Every scene was different. Some scenes I shot one take, and other scenes I shot many takes. There were difficult days, and not-so-difficult days.

guest-aol_matrix_clique: Before you became an actress, what other career did you consider?

Carrie-Anne: Truly, I have only wanted to be an actress.

ShiningFire: The scene where Trinity is on the phone with Cipher, while he’s disconnecting (killing) her fellow crewmembers, is really intense. I just want to let you know that that it was a great bit of acting on your part! Do you have a favorite scene?

Carrie-Anne: Thank you. I love the scene between Lawrence and Keanu when Lawrence’s character, Morpheus, asks Neo to choose between the red and the blue pill.

guest-coppola99: Who are your favorite filmmakers?

Carrie-Anne: The Wachowski brothers.

guest-Meridian: Whom did you draw from for inspiration when you were trying to get into your character?

Carrie-Anne: Everything, and anything.

guest-coffee_ring: You’ve mentioned before the physical demands that were put on you for the movie. Did that play into your decision for the sequels?

Carrie-Anne: No. I look forward to the challenge.

guest-Pol: Have you fired guns before, or was this a new experience for you?

Carrie-Anne: I had fired guns in a previous film, so I had done it before.

guest-caz11111: Carrie-Anne, what did you think of Joe Pantoliano? I am a fan of his. The Wachowski’s obviously admire him, having cast him in “The Matrix” and “Bound.” The two of you share one of the best scenes in the movie, the phone confrontation, and you are costarring in the upcoming “New Moon” together. I was wondering what your opinion of him is?

Carrie-Anne: I love Joey! He’s a really good friend of mine. I think he is an incredible actor, and a wonderful man.

guest-dizel: Hi, Carrie-Anne. We saw your character, in “The Matrix,” in a scene for a few seconds riding a motorbike. Did you ride it, or was that a stuntwoman? I’m interested. How is your relationship to motorbikes, fast cars, and high speeds?

Carrie-Anne: I was on the motorcycle. I grew up on motorcycles, but I am not a lover of extreme danger.

guest-Doogalis: Do you like the ‘action genre,’ or will you avoid it in the future to avoid being ‘typecast’?

Carrie-Anne: I enjoy action films, and I’m not sure what my future holds.

MissSweetKiss: Hi, Carrie. who cut your hair for “The matrix?”

Carrie-Anne: I don’t remember his name, but it was an incredible hairdresser in Sydney.

nightchild3: How long was a regular day for you?

Carrie-Anne: I think a regular day was 14 or 15 hours.

guest-manolis_varnas: Carrie, where do you see yourself 15 years from now?

Carrie-Anne: I try to stay in today, so that’s a hard question for me to answer. Hopefully, happy. 🙂

Carrie-Anne: Thank you so much for your enthusiasm regarding “The Matrix.” It was such a joy to make, and it thrills me that people enjoyed the movie. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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