Matrix Comics Volume 2 and the Future

On December 22, 2004, the Matrix Comics Volume 2 officially hits comic shops around the world and completes the Burlyman Entertainment lineup. Of course, we’ve still got Shaolin Cowboy and Doc Frankenstein bi-monthly issues, but all that Burlyman has to offer is now on the shelves.

At Burlyman HQ,, their store officially opened (although we here at MFN got a head start on Friday, thanks to Redeye).

Also at Burlyman HQ is a section detailing the printing process of the new Volume 2.

That’s all for now on the Burly front, but don’t forget to pick up the newly-living, world avenging Doc Frankenstein, and the Shaolin plus sass-talking donkey every other month at your local comic shop.

Interestingly, Redeye gave me a little hint, and a holiday wish (that I’m sure emcompasses the entire Matrix community), in a private message he sent me regarding my comment that the Burlyman lineup is all “on the shelves”.

As to us being done…

We’re only just getting warmed up… 2005 should be a great year!

Best to the holidays!


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  1. cool i will have to check these comics out, you usually find more in depth info in comics, then is in a film, so they can be good for research of the matrix topics.

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