x311xHive Reviews Matrix Box Set!

This is it, my final opinion about the Matrix Trilogy. As many of you know, I am a Matrix fanatic. It’s basically the only thing I get nerdy about when in random conversation. As you may have previously read from my review of the first movie and the documentary that followed , I enjoyed the first one through and through as one of my favorite (if not the best) movie of our time. The question I get most now, after both of the sequels were released over a year ago and now a mega box-set is finally here is: “So….what did you think about the trilogy now that it’s over?” To be honest, I did not post my review of Reloaded after I saw it, mainly because at the time, I found it to be a huge let down. I then decided to review both this film and Revolutions after all was said and done. Now that the entire trilogy is complete, I will now divulge into my final opinion on the saga that hooks me every time.

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