Editorial, The Matrix and Me

I remember sitting in the Theater on March 31st 1999, the anticipation was thick, everybody wanted to see this movie. What the hype was all about. I’ll admit, I was skeptic that The Matrix would hold up to all the hype behind it. But that was until the movie started.

The lights dimmed and the voice, feminine yet powerful. The trace program, it was all perfect. I knew from that moment on that The Matrix would be awesome! And it was, action, adventure, fantasy, science-fiction, and even some comedy all thrown into one melting pot. The movie had a very comic book feel and I loved every minute of it, I was entranced. When the credits rolled I just stayed in my seat, I couldn’t move. And every evening until the movie left the theater I was there, watching and every time seeing something new.

The Matrix has brought me to MFN, to TLFC, to ZMF, and it has allowed me to meet new friends, have deep philosophical conversations, and even get in touch with that crazy side. The Matrix may only be a movie, but the true fans, now how we have been touched by it, even if it is merely a tap on the shoulder, all of us have come away from the experience with something new. So thank you cast and crew of The Matrix for everything.