MFN’s 5th Anniversary

Well, It’s hard to believe that FIVE YEARS ago, I started this site to track the news of the sequels of The Matrix, which I had just seen, only a month previous. Since that time, I’ve met a few of the actors, including Bernard White (Rama-Kandra) and Lachy Hulme (Sparks).

I’ve also been to two press screenings, one for Reloaded, and one for Revolutions, viewing the sequels and knowing what to expect much of the audience reaction to be. I gotta tell ya, it was rough not being able to tell people about the movies for a few days was really difficult. And telling people that they might not like them was harder still.

We also were given the Animatrix as a gift of thanks from the Wachowski Brothers. Hopefully there is more Animatrix to come.

Now, people are trying to understand what the Wachowski’s were telling with The Matrix Trilogy, and why parts seem to contradict each other. The fact is, like life, there are some things that people will never understand, and there are other things that people choose not to understand. Other times, people feel they have better ideas for things. Well, the Wachowski’s told the story that they want to tell, and if they ever decide to explain it to us, and all of the decisions that they made with the movies, we’ll gladly take them.

Now, we’re awaiting The Matrix Online, and we’ve got our own clan, already forming, here in our forums, preparing to take on the game, learn it, and join forces within the game itself.

I’ve also started a new site,, and a site for kind of a rare 80’s video, that not many have heard of, and a CPR Receritification site

Oh yeah, news of my trailer for The Matrix Fugitive:
We’ve got the props underway, and the costumes, for the closing fight scene. Filming will be underway within the coming weeks, finally!

Have a great time at MFN! Who’d have thought it’d be five years?