Watch Entertainment Tonight today! – UPDATED!

Prepare your VCRs! Tonight’s ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT will feature a preview of the coming THE MATRIX REVISITED DVD. Let’s hope they show something new! 🙂

It should be on tonight, but who knows now:

Sunbeam1 at Corona Coming Attractions’ Message Boards has this to say about it:

ET had an exclusive on the Matrix Revisited last nite. It was only about a minute long.

It showed Keanu in grey sweat pants doing almost like ‘baton’ type work with a long stick/pole. I guess some kind of fighting type training.

Then Keanu (clean shaven) is doing some commentary. “There is Agent Smith doing some flying”. (Hugo Weaving in background doing some flying wirework).

Next some Kung Fu type fighting training is being show w/ Wu Ping’s staff. Keanu is shown in blue sweats (w/ beard) doing some kicks, Fishburne doing a high leg kick, some motorcycle work (not sure who is in that scene).

The end shows Keanu looking very tired, hair all over the place saying “Now….time for lunch”. This might have been in the airport hanger at Alameda(or Australia–it is still late winter over there) looked cold could see the air when he was speaking.

Ok there is my play by play…hehehe