Matrix Revisited Preview DVD Review

This is a review of a Pre-release version of the Matrix Revisited DVD, and not the whole disk. It’s got spoilers about Costumes in The Matrix Reloaded and also some scenes in the movie, just to warn you.

The Matrix Revisited Review
By Glitch2002

What is the Matrix? It’s pushing the limits and exceeding them. It’s training 9 hours a day, being sore from the pain and coming back the next day for more. It’s finishing a scene even though you tore a muscle. It’s training even though your neck hasn’t fully recovered from surgery. It’s working through the blood, sweat and tears.

If there is anything left un-answered for you from the first Matrix, then it’s probably answered in the Matrix Revisited, which, for any hard-core fans, is a dream come true. It’s good that Warner Bros. gives us fans something while in the waiting for the two next parts in the trilogy. I recently got a look at the unfinished version of the new dvd that is coming our way November 20th and from what i’ve seen it’s going to blow everyone away.

Kung Fu

Those of you who are fans of the kung-fu action from the flick, there are documents of Yuen Woo Ping’s blocking tapes that were used to see how it would look with different angles and such. Beginning with the Agent Smith vs. Morpheus hotel bathroom scene, to the final Agent Smith vs. Neo showdown in the train station tunnel. They also show the four main stars, Keanu, Carrie-Anne, Laurence, and Hugo, training with Wo Ping and Co. There’s talk about what a usual day of training is and how far they’ve come from not being able to side-kick to kicking 4 times and kicking behind their heads.

Special Effects

The fans of the Visual Effects will be glad to know that there are sequences that are broken down which include the bullet time and the agent training program, showing how they pulled off freezing the Matrix to composing different shots at one time. John Gaeta tells how it’s all done and it will leave you all in a “Whoa”. They show the new Eon Entertainment building which has a cool set up of the infamous red leather chair that Morpheus sits in.


There’s interesting little tidbits of fan interviews, there’s a 3 minute preview of the new things to come to the official Matrix website, which tells us of a third comic series launching in January 2002. One of the more interesting documents was the 6-minute preview of the Matrix video game from Interplay. It shows the stunt teams with wires and trackers. Yuen Wo Ping, and the Wachowski Brothers are helping make the game to make sure it’s up to martial art standards & video game fans expectations.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…


The Matrix Reloaded preview!!!

For those who don’t want to know, stop reading this now and save yourself the spoilers. Ok you gone? Didn’t think so! Who doesn’t want to know?

Okay, and now those of you ready to know every little tidbit of info you can scrap and be ready to drool.

I would like to be the first to say “whoa”. For the most part it looks definitely bigger with the fights, better with the agents and better with the visual effects. A person who i’ve been talking to said they were in the works of adding a teaser trailer to this, so by the time they get this out in stores it should be on there. In the short 7 to 8 minute preview, it shows us a fight they were working on in the Manex Studios in Alameda, California.

And guess what fight it is? The very much talked and heard about Neo vs. 100 versions of himself. It’s 8 guys vs. our original Neo and from the video it looks like each different version has a different fighting style like ju-jitsu and such, like Neo has been shattered into 101 pieces, each with a different trait. It’s hard to explain but easily understood when seen.

Then they showed Trinity’s new suit, and it looks awesome, it’s like a PVC dress version of Morpheus’ trench coat, completed with PVC gloves and knee high boots with some cool new shades. They show Morpheus’ two new looks and one main thing is his shirts are red. Like Cypher, so if red is the symbol of blood or death, then that doesn’t sound good. I’ll leave that up to you to decide. Morpheus now sports a red sleeveless trench coat, no shirt, and black leather pants, I’m guessing that’s a Matrix costume, the other one looked exactly like his first real world outfit, boots, raggedy pants, and a red long sleeve shirt, instead of gray and black.

From my browsing, I found no anime preview or hidden features yet put on, so I definitely think there’s going to be tons more and trust me, it’s worth the twenty bucks. I can’t explain too much because, in the words of Morpheus, “You have to see it for yourself”. I don’t know about you but I’m counting down the days till 2003.