Wachowskis Possible Directors for ‘Justice League’

As the furor dies down over Ben Affleck being cast as Batman the talk is shifting to the inevitable “Justice League” film from Warner Bros. and DC Comics. After Marvel took their various comic franchises to the big screen in a huge way and created the biggest comic film universe ever, DC began trying to do the same and so we will be getting a “Justice League” film at some point in the future.

Justice League

The big question on everyone’s mind is, who will direct? Given the fact that a large amount of “The Avengers” success can be squarely placed at Joss Whedon’s feet, the director for “Justice League” had better be someone who can handle the pressure and churn out a fan pleasing film when it is all over.

So, it is no surprise to me or the other fans of The Matrix Trilogy that our very own Andy and Lana Wachowski are on the short list currently being considered. Looking at their past work it is easy to see that the Wachowski’s know how to make an amazing film with the styling of a comic. In The Matrix Trilogy the story and cinematography match up to a comic’s structure extremely well. Also, “Speed Racer”, while not getting much fanfare from critics, was an amazing adaptation. It took the anime’s style and characters and modernized them without losing any of their charm or history.

While I’ll almost certainly be seeing the “Justice League” film no matter what, if this turns out to be the way DC goes I’ll be right on board the hype train.