Wachowski’s Next Project: The Axis?

Fantasy News received an email out of the blue from someone who wanted to remain anonymous. The message is below. We have nothing to add to this but would love to hear from anyone who can shed any light on the information contained in the message:

First of all, I’d like to remain Anonymous if you should post this “Top Secret” news. The Wachowski’s are now secretly cutting a deal with another writer through WMA (William Morris Agency). The movie is similar to the Matrix Franchise however, this one is supposedly called DreamScapesAxis: “The Axis” being the first of a Sequel not sure if Trilogy or not, but the document did describe a Game Design. This movie is supposed to be using new special effects as groundbreaking as the “bullet-time” effect, but wasn’t used in any of the Matrix movies. I glanced at the Synopsis while interning at WMA and I seen some ideas that definitely are new and almost controversial for the film industry. The key words I do Remember are “Second Messiah”, “DIA”, “supernatural”, and strewn all over the script is Axis and Chi. There were some Action scenes describing Gung fu moves and something about Ultra dimensions.
That’s all I can remember at this point. I have the name of the writer, but I won’t release that until I’m certain you won’t publish my name, on your site.

After a couple of emails backwards and forwards, the sender also provided the writer’s name, which is Sxean Lee~David

Update :- 4th December 2003. Sxean Lee~David contacted Fantasy News direct and in order to try and reduce traffic into his email account would like to answer a question here with regard to how he received such a break into the industry.

When I was a student at the University of Washington I sent a Game Design to Warner Bros. Interactive in hopes for a job. I also included my resume, which showed my experience as a Research Assistant for VR at the Human Interface Technology Laboratory ( UW ). The Wachowski’s Bros. people contacted me via email and needed some information about VR and its “limitations” etc, which led to the Wachowski’s and I collaborating on Ideas for their movie for a period of about 3 month. Much of the Dialogue, philosophy and certain quotes I offered were used in the movie, we even discussed “bullet – time” which was an idea I first brought to their attention. However, they bumped it up a level since I had no intention of including bullets in my version of its design. Actually, I believe Sun (java), Adobe, HP, ID (John Carmack) and SGI were already experimenting with this type of imagery so it’s nothing really new. Just new for the Film Industry. Anyway, they were unknown back then and I could’ve just told them to get thier information somewhere else, but instead I helped them out despite the fact that many of the ideas I gave to them were designed for a Game. To make a longshort, they were nice enough to offer me a job but I wasn’t interested, mainly ’cause I never heard of them. Then on our last emails they sent me a pic of “Bound”, but I still wasn’t interested in films. However, I they did say they’d help me get into the Film Industry as a Designer/Scriptwriter if “Matrix” was to become a success.
And, that’s why the Andy and Larry have been nice enough to give me this break into the Film Industry.


Sxean Lee-David

Thanks to “Jorge”

Source: Fantasy News