Australia First to see Revolutions on DVD

Gooday Mates! The Australian Outback looks to be receiving their copies of the smash hit “The Matrix Revolutions” on DVD a few days before it sails over the pond to the US neck of the woods. Here’s the story sent to us by Rob X:

Australia will be first to take home the final chapter! Roadshow Entertainment is proud to announce that MATRIX REVOLUTIONS will now be released on April 2nd 2004 to VIDEO and DVD. This new release date (previously April 6) gives Australian home entertainment audiences the opportunity to own this highly anticipated release ahead of the US, and some Asian and European territories.

This gives Australian consumers the chance to get their hands on a copy earlier than most territories worldwide. Australians have a particular affinity with the Matrix franchise given the fact that it was filmed here and they have embraced the films with a fanaticism not seen in other countries. Said Roadshow Entertainment Retail Marketing Manager Jeremy Hinton.…d_release.jhtml