Toby Ragaini Answers Top Matrix Online Questions

After compiling a list of top community questions from The Matrix Online forums, Lead Designer Toby Ragaini answers several major questions from our community. This question and answer session is a Matrix Online Newsletter exclusive!

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Will there be sniper rifles in The Matrix Online?

Toby Ragaini: Yes. The sniper rifle will be a high-level item that can only be used by characters with the Sniper Discipline. Basically, a sniper rifle is a weapon with much longer range, higher damage, and slower rate of fire than other weapons. You won’t be doing “headshots” like you would in an FPS game, but your enemies will definitely feel it.

How many characters can I have?

Toby Ragaini: Each account may only have one character per game world. There will be multiple servers, so you can have several characters, but not in the same world.

Because of the Ability/Discipline structure of The Matrix Online, this isn’t as much a restriction as it would be in your typical MMO. If you want to play a support role one day, you simply load up all your Patcher Abilities. On the other hand, if you feel like taking down some programs, you load up your Gunman Abilities and go to town.

How can thousands of people suddenly jack into the Matrix all at once? In the movies, only a small group of people from a crew could do it?

Toby Ragaini: In Reloaded, Morpheus describes how more and more red pills were being successfully recruited. And at the end of Revolutions, the Oracle makes sure the Architect will let those who seek the red pill do so without harassment. It becomes clear that thousands of individuals are now willing to give up their comforting reality in order to gain the power of the truth.

Do you have to choose an Organization to work for?

Toby Ragaini: As with everything in the Matrix, it’s all about choice. By doing missions for an Organization, your reputation with that Organization will change. The more you work for a single Organization, the higher your reputation gets. Once you have a high enough reputation, you earn the right to captain your own crew.

You don’t have to work for a single Organization; you can take missions from any that you want. However, you’ll never be trusted enough by one to become a captain. Also, once you join a crew, you’re automatically associated with the Captain’s organization.

It’s possible, but very difficult to not choose sides in the Matrix!