The Villian’s Wheels in Matrix 2

Now GM is betting $4 billion on a make-it-or-break-it overhaul. The entire Cadillac lineup is being redesigned with an angular look that evokes a stealth fighter, or, some say, the Batmobile. GM is building a new $560 million Cadillac factory in Lansing, Mich.—its first new car plant in 15 years. And this summer it will take the wraps off its sharp-edged CTS model, a $30,000 small Caddy sedan with severe vertical headlights that GM hopes will lure the buyers who now drive the Mercedes C-class and BMW 3-series. Also rolling into showrooms over the next two years: two new SUVs, a $65,000 roadster and a $50,000 Cadillac pickup truck—that’s right, a pickup truck. That hulking truck, the EXT, has had a starring role as the bad guy’s wheels in next year’s “Matrix” sequel.

Source: Newsweek