The Official Site Updated!

Hear it today, an online conversation between Larry Wachowski and Ken Wilber! Larry Wachowski needs little introduction (at least here at the official site). Ken Wilber is a philosopher, author, and, of particular interest to Matrix fans, an active participant in the forthcoming 10 disc box set of THE MATRIX TRILOGY. Not too long ago, Ken sat down with Cornel West (philosopher, author, and actor — RELOADED and REVOLUTIONS: Councillor West), and recorded over sixteen hours of audio commentary on all three films (which will be edited down to approximately six hours for the box set). This slightly shorter conversation between Larry and Ken (clocking in at just over 30 minutes) was recorded just days before the exhaustive 16 hour commentaries and is a relaxed yet intellectually rich dialogue between two intensely well spoken blokes. Don’t miss it. Click here for more info (

Also of interest, BURLYMAN ENTERTAINMENT, the new publishing entity from the Wachowski Brothers, will be in attendance at this years San Diego Comic-Con from Wednesday, July 21st through Sunday, July 25th.

Find us at booth 4401, where besides being able to get signed copies of THE MATRIX COMICS, you’ll find limited prints, stickers, shirts, hats, and a preview of our two inaugural bi-monthly titles, DOC FRANKENSTEIN and THE SHAOLIN COWBOY, all being presided over by a burly wrestler and a pair of acrobatic twins. There is also a panel:

10:30-11:30 Burlyman Entertainment speaks! — Meet Steve Skroce, Geof Darrow, and Spencer Lamm. They will talk about joining forces with the Wachowski Brothers to bring you two new and original comic titles. Steve Skroce, the Key Storyboard Artist for The Matrix trilogy and the writer and artist on Wolverine: Blood Debt, now co-plots and illustrates DOC FRANKENSTEIN, with the Wachowski Brothers handling script. Geof Darrow, the Conceptual Designer for The Matrix trilogy and the artist of Hard Boiled, Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot now writes and illustrates the forthcoming title THE SHAOLIN COWBOY, with ***-ologue by the Wachowski Brothers. Spencer Lamm, a past editor at Marvel comics, and editor of the The Art of The Matrix, The Matrix Comics, and the forthcoming The Art of the Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions, edits these two new Burlyman titles. Larry and Andy Wachowski have worked together for over 30 years. No announcements will be made on possible additional guests, BURLY or otherwise. Room 6CDEF