The Matrix Comes to GameCube?

The developer of games based on The Matrix movie starts on a secret GCN project.

Laguna Beach, California based Shiny Entertainment seems to be quietly beginning work on a secret GameCube title. The company recently posted a job advertisement that read: “Shiny is seeking an experienced Nintendo GameCube programmer to work on a future project.” No details regarding the game were offered in the placement.

The company, which has long remained in the spotlight for such games as Earthworm Jim, MDK and Sacrifice, recently nabbed a deal with Interplay to develop software for next-generation systems based on The Matrix movie. It is unconfirmed, but possible, and in fact probable that any GameCube effort currently underway by the developer will deal with the license.

We contacted company president Dave Perry and asked if the GameCube title was Matrix related, and he commented simply: “That would be a good guess, but I cannot confirm or deny it.” That’s good enough for us.

Perry stressed that the GameCube programming position is still open and that candidates will find that it’s something akin to a “dream job.” All qualified applicants should click right here.