Jada Pinkett Talks Matrix Sequels

Jada Pinkett is lost in the Matrix.

“There are days I feel I’m not just filming The Matrix. I feel like I’m in the Matrix,” says Pinkett, who plays Niobe in the two sequels currently filming in Australia.

“It’s the never-ending movie. I still have five more months of filming down in Australia. After Will (her husband Will Smith) is finished promoting Ali, he and the children are going to join me in Australia for a month or so.

“We really miss being together as a family. When I got pregnant with our daughter I promised Will I’d chill out and put my career on hold but then the Matrix offer came.

“It’s the one thing I couldn’t turn down and Will understood that.”

She says that brothers Larry and Andy Wachowski, who wrote and are directing The Matrix, have been equally understanding.

“They rearranged shooting so that while Will was working on Men in Black 2 I could be home with the children. Now I’ll go back and do all my stuff.”

Pinkett says her character Niome “is one really tough chick. She’s the captain of her own ship and, boy, can she kick butt. I don’t recognize myself when I see some of the dailies I’m so mean and tough.”

Like the other actors in The Matrix, Pinkett has been doing a great deal of wire work.

“I’m flying all over the place. The stunt work is amazing.

“These sequels are going to blast the original off the screen, and that’s exactly what the fans want.”

Pinkett plays Muhummad Ali’s first wife Sonji Roi opposite her husband in Ali, which opens Christmas Day.