[Int. Virtual Training Simulation] [Jue and Thadeus are sword-fighting, blindfolded in a dojo. They progressively take turns slicing clothes off each other, and each peeks from under their blindfold once to admire the others form. As they near the culmination of the fight, an alarm sounds.]

Jue: Sentinels!

Thadeus: Damn it!

[Int. Osiris Cockpit] [The training simulation abruptly ends. As Jue and Thadeus enter the cockpit, the name-plate of Osiris is visible.]

Crew Man: Captain we were heading for Junction 21 like you ordered…

Crew Woman: Robbie started picking up signals.

Crew Man: We’re still trying to confirm the HR scans.

Crew Man: We weren’t sure what to do.

Operator: The readings don’t make any sense!

[The holographic projection from the HR scanner is displaying thousands of channelled, interwoven blue points.]

Thadeus: They read like sentinels.

Jue: But there’s thousands of them!

Thadeus: Directly above us.

Jue: Is that possible?

[An almost in-audible alarm sounds as the holographic projection switches to show nine sentinels that have been detected on an intercept course with the Osiris.]

Pilot: We’ve got company.

Operator: They don’t look happy to see us.

Thadeus: Get us out of here!

[Ext. The Sewer] [The Osiris lifts off and flies down the sewer channel it is in.] [Int. Osiris Cockpit] [The holographic projection is displaying the section of the sewer system that Osiris is in. Behind and ahead there are sentinel signals on an intercept path. To the right is a smaller sewer channel.]

Pilot: We’re cut off!

Thadeus: There’s an intersection ahead.

Pilot: It’s uncharted.

Thadeus: Take it!

[The pilot steers the Osiris into the uncharted sewer channel. Thadeus turns to the rest of the crew.]

Thadeus: Get to the gun turrets!

[Ext. The Sewer] [Sixteen sentinels are in close pursuit of the Osiris.] [Int. Osiris Flight Deck] [Crew members run to, man and arm the turrets.]

Crew Woman: Right… Come and get some!

[Ext. Osiris] [The gun turrets begin to fire a continuous stream of bullets at the pursuing sentinels. Several of them are directly hit.] [Int. Osiris Cockpit]

Pilot: Hang on!

[Ext. The Sewer] [The pilot manoeuvres the Osiris through a very tight turn in the sewer channel. It then bursts through a pile of rubble and emerges on the surface of the planet. The pursuing sentinels are trapped in the falling debris.] [Ext. The Surface] [The Osiris slowly flies through and amongst ruined buildings and high-rises.] [Int. Osiris Cockpit]

Jue: I’ve never seen the surface.

Thadeus: It’s nothing now but one big graveyard.

[Ext. The Surface] [Ahead of the Osiris there is a vast clearing teaming with sentinels on the ground and in the air, in a similar fashion to the readings originally displayed by the HR scanner.] [Int. Osiris Cockpit]

Thadeus: Oh my God!

Jue: It’s an army.

[The holographic projection from the HR scanner displays a machine that looks like a giant spider with a spiralling, conical protrusion pointing downward.]

Pilot: What is that thing?

Jue: Some kind of tunnelling machine.

Thadeus: Oh no!

Jue: What?

Thadeus: Look where we are. What’s four kilometres straight down?

Jue: Zion…

[As the crew look from the cockpit window, a horde of sentinels begins to amass in the distance. It very quickly becomes apparent that the Osiris has been spotted and that this horde is about to begin a pursuit.]

Thadeus: Go, go, go!

[Ext. The Surface] [The Osiris turns around and heads back in the direction it came from; the pursuing horde of sentinels has amassed into a tightly woven chain, almost fluid like in nature. As they attempt their escape, the Osiris crew begin to fire the rear gun turrets at the sentinels.] [Int. Osiris Cockpit]

Thadeus: Zion… Zion has to be warned.

Jue: How?

Thadeus: Someone has to get to a drop point.

Operator: What? Are you crazy? We can’t broadcast now!

Thadeus: We have to.

Jue: I’ll go.

Thadeus: There isn’t much time.

Jue: I’ll make it.

[Ext. Osiris] [The gun turrets are still continuously firing at the pursuing sentinels that are nearing ever closer to the Osiris.] [Int. Osiris Flight Deck] [Jue and Thadeus proceed to the core. Jue proceeds to sit on a jack-in chair whilst Thadeus readies the equipment. Jue takes Thadeus by the hand and he looks down at her meaningfully.]

Jue: You know, I peeked.

Thadeus: So did I.

[They kiss.]

Jue: Goodbye, Thadeus.

Thadeus: Goodbye, Jue.

[Jue is jacked in to the Matrix by the Thadeus.]

Thadeus: Fly, baby, fly!

[Ext. Matrix] [Jue bursts through a window of a sky rise and lands on an adjoining rooftop several tens of floors below.] [Ext. The Surface] [The sentinels are moving in for the kill. Although many are being picked of by the gun turrets, the majority of them are now managing to cling onto and the crawl up the Osiris’ hull. Several of them begin to burn through the hull with lasers at points where the turret operators are located. Aware of this, the crew fights on.] [Ext. Matrix] [Jue jumps from the rooftop onto the fire escape of an adjacent building. She then performs several impressive acrobatic jumps, twists and turns through the supports and rigging of an electricity substation below, before free falling to the ground with a loud thud. As she does so, the Matrix has trouble keeping up with her swiftness. As a result, a brief but apparent wave is emitted in the ground around her landing spot.] [Ext. Osiris] [After a time, several of the sentinels successfully breach the hull of the Osiris and reach in with their tentacles. A female crew member who is manning a gun turret is speared by a sentinel’s tentacle. Several hover pads are ripped off the ship by the sentinels.] [Int. Osiris] [A male crew member who is also manning the turrets is killed by an intruding sentinel. In the cockpit, Thadeus looks on as the pilot attempts to fly the Osiris with an ever decreasing number of hover pads and the weight of the invading sentinels.] [Ext. Osiris] [Dozens of sentinels are tearing through the hull with their lasers, and once through they smash their way into the main areas of the Osiris.] [Ext. The Surface] [The Osiris spirals almost uncontrollably downward and crash lands into the rubble on the surface below whilst dozens of sentinels cling to its hull. Hundreds more can are swarming in from behind to aid the assault. The Osiris comes crashing to a halt at its final resting place.] [Ext. The Matrix] [Jue is running toward a mailbox, where an old lady is standing examining an envelope. Jue removes a book sized package from her jacket.]

Jue: Pardon me.

Old Lady: Ah! I’m sorry… I was in my own little world. Is it important?

Jue: Very.

[Jue drops the package into the mailbox.]

Old Lady: I hope it gets where it’s supposed to go.

Jue: Me too.

Old Lady: These days you never know.

Jue: No, you never do. Good-bye.

Old Lady: Good-bye.

[Jue walks away from the old lady and the mailbox, and makes a call to the Osiris from her mobile phone. A call signal is heard on the line.] [Int. Osiris Flight Deck] [Thadeus is firing at attacking sentinels with a plasma rifle.] [Ext. The Matrix] [Jue is on the phone, trying to get through to the Osiris, but she is only getting a busy dial tone.]

Jue: Thadeus…

[Ext. The Surface] [The Osiris explodes sending out a massive blast that engulfs all the surrounding sentinels.] [Ext. The Matrix] [Jue’s phone drops to the ground, followed by her dead Residual Self Image. A momentary disturbance in the Matrix occurs, then a brief glimpse of the code that is constructing the scene. Fade to black.]

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