Directed by:
Andy Jones

Written by:
Andy Wachowski & Larry Wachowski

Thadeus – Kevin Michael Richardson
Jue – Pamela Adlon
John Di Maggio – Crew Man
Tom Kenny – Operator
Rick Gomez – Pilot
Tara Strong – Crew Woman
Bette Ford – Old Woman

Produced by:
Jun Aida – producer
Spencer Lamm – executive producer
Gary Mundell – executive producer
Joel Silver – executive producer
Cameron Stevning – executive producer

Music by:
Don Davis

Film Editing by:
Christopher S. Capp

Casting by:
Jack Fletcher

Production Design by:
Owen Paterson

Art Direction by:
Tani Kunitake

Costume Design by:
Kym Barrett

Production Management:
Ivy Agregan – production manager
Naoko Muldowney – computer graphics production manager
Meghan Nishimizu – production manager

Art Department:
Tani Kunitake – lead storyboard artist
Richard Mahon – concept artist
Christian Scheurer – lead matte painter

Sound Department:
Richard Adrian – sound effects designer
Paul Hackner – assistant sound editor
Andrew Lackey – sound effects editor

Visual Effects by:
Mayumi Arakaki – visual effects coordinator
Kevin Bjorke – imaging supervisor
Andy Harbeck – CG artist
Toby Haruno – senior character animator
Thomas Roland Johnson – matte painter
Kory Juul – digital compositor
Kory Juul – lighting artist
Koji Kawamura – visual effects
Miku Kayama – lead compositor
Mach Tony Kobayashi – visual effects
Richard Mahon – digital matte painter
Grant Niesner – 3D creature designer
Kevin Ochs – lead character technical director
Stuart Partridge – compositor
Steve Preeg – visual effects
James Rogers – visual effects supervisor
Jake Rowell – digital character artist
Ben Rush – lead character technical director
Jeff Schu – character animator
Remington Scott – motion production director
David Seager – computer graphics supervisor
Eric Sterner – modeler
Koji Tanaka – visual effects
Joanne Thiel – visual effects
Christopher Walsh – character animator
Teru Yoshida – lead lighting artist
Masahito Yoshioka – visual effects

Alicia Vela-Bailey – motion capture stuntman

Animation Department:
Steve Giesler – lead character artist
Matthew Hackett – lead animator
Roy Sato – senior animator

Editorial Department:
Christina DeSilva – editorial manager

Other crew:
Jay Carina – technical director
Jack Fletcher – voice director

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