Screen Junkies Releases an “Honest Trailer” for ‘The Matrix’

I usually find Screen Junkies “Honest Trailers” youtube series hilarious and insightful but this one might hit me a bit too hard. In their latest release they make some lighthearted jokes about “The Matrix” but then go on to the same old sequel hatred we’ve all heard for years. Do they make some valid points? Sure. Does it still make me upset that I can’t open every person’s eyes to the beauty of those two films? Definitely.

Either way, I’ve enjoyed their work for my more hated films so I can’t really complain without being a hypocrite. And, in the end, it is all in good fun. Check out the video for yourself and let me know what you think. My favorite part had to be the AOL screenname bit.

For fans of “Breaking Bad” make sure you stay till the end of the video for some great quotes.


  1. I feel the same way, heck after seeing that “Trailer” I had to watch the sequels again… and after that I found this site, very nice by the by.

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