Regarding Aaliyah’s Matrix filming

There was a chat on AOL with the late Aaliyah from a few weeks ago. In it, she confirmed that she had started filming on the Matrix sequel..

I did a couple weeks of shooting in the end of June on ‘The Matrix,’ and I go back to Sydney, Australia to finish shooting in January for one month.

They also have a crew member from San Francisco agreeing with that..

“Aaliyah did, in fact, shoot for three days on “The Matrix II & III”. Her scenes were brief, and her dialogue miniscule. The bulk of her work was to be shot in Australia, beginning I believe next month. As I’m not a member of the crew that is going to Oz, I don’t have much more for you as far as new casting. The bits she did in Alameda were small enough that they will be able to re-shoot by building only a small replica of our Alameda set in Oz, and be able to cover the footage with whoever they re-cast in the role. It is a terrible tragedy, and now that the reasons surrounding the crash have come out, those of us that had the opportunity to spend time with her will be thinking about it for some time”

Also, people from Fox Sydney have been spotted with badges saying they were working on a film called “The Burly Man”…the same fake name used in the Oakland shooting.