Aaliyah talks Matrix sequels on AOL Live – Updated

Aaliyah answered questions for a few lucky AOL members. She did have things to say about the ‘Matrix’ sequels including more information on her character:

Question: I like all your songs and your movies. When is the next movie you’ll be in coming out? What is it called, if you even know yet?

Aaliyah: It’ll be ‘Queen of the Damned.’ Right now, they’re talking about March 2002, but that’s not for sure. I did a couple weeks of shooting in the end of June on ‘The Matrix,’ and I go back to Sydney, Australia to finish shooting in January for one month. ‘Matrix 2’ should come out at the end of 2002.

Question: Can you tell us anything about your character in ‘The Matrix’ and/or her relation to Neo (romantic, allies, enemies)?

Aaliyah: I don’t even think I have a scene with him! I’m not sure, because stuff changes, but we don’t interact. My boyfriend in the film flies their ship, but I don’t do much with Neo. My character’s motivation is her boyfriend. She’s from Zion. Everything she does is based on him. She gets to be in some of the action in Part 3, for her man, so it’s really sweet.