Movies that Aren’t as Bad as People Think: The Matrix Reloaded

I found an article in which someone writes about movies that they feel are not as bad as people make them out to be. I really love articles like this, because they show differing opinions about films that others have likely written off.  Here’s what Schnyger wrote about The Matrix Reloaded:

There is a part of me that would like to list the final Matrix film on here as well, not because I think its amazing, but simply because I don’t think its terrible. However, that could possibly compromise the integrity of this post so I’ll just stick with the second Matrix film. The Matrix Reloaded’s legacy was ultimately put in the hands of the third film. Had everyone loved the third movie, Reloaded would have been seen as a solid bridge between the first and last. However, the response to Revolutions was kind of negative. Since that film holds the resolution for many of Reloaded’s plot threads, it left the idea in most people’s minds that this movie franchise should have ended with the first. Maybe they are right….but probably not.

You see, the world of the Matrix is far too vast and interesting to be left to one movie. The Animatrix does a great job of showing this. Each chapter of the animated anthology shows a different aspect of a world where man is controlled by machine. Reloaded does something similar, giving us a deeper look into the rabbit hole (as well as the real world). There is no denying that this movie is never as captivating or mind blowing as the original. Lets be honest, Keanu Reeves is just too boring (and I liked him in the first), the romance with Trinity feels a bit forced, the weird dance orgy is one of the creepiest things I’ve ever witnessed in a big budget film, and some of the computer graphics are just too obvious. So what redeems this movie? The highway chase.

Almost everyone will agree the highway chase is amazing. There are swords, motorcycles, semi-trucks, matter-shifting twins, and most importantly, Morpheus beats an agent (sort of). I should say, this movie does have some depth (once you dig through all of the philosophical hyperbole). Neo, despite being the One, is still human and limited in power. Morpheus, while a visionary and strong leader, still falls under the chain of command and unlike the first film, he isn’t always right. Humans, despite battling machines are still dependent on them. And machines, despite their attempts to fight it, are trapped by the rules of the world. Their logic is “perfect” but the world is not and so, they fall victim to its unpredictability. There is a lot to get out of the movie, so watch it again. Heck, watch it with someone and discuss the finer points. Discussion is always good. (also, i would like to mention that this movie actually got fairly good reviews on its release).

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  1. As happy as it makes me when people acknowledge that the second two films are not awful, like everyone makes them out to be, I have to disagree with what he said about the Neo/Trinity relationship. That story arc is one of the strongest and most important in the trilogy. The reason Neo was able to avoid doing what the previous “ones” did – and the reason he was able to save her life in the following scene – was because he was in love with her. The strength of their relationship is also what drives him to save Zion. I also think Keanu was perfect for the role, and not “boring to watch!” I honestly think the movies wouldn’t be as good if it had been another actor playing Neo; he just fit into the role like no one else could.

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