More info on the Matrix Convention

More news on the Matrix Convention including the date for the summer of 2004. So far, three companies are supporting the convention (Cadillac, Best Buy, and and a graphics designer is helping design some things for the convention. Charlie came up with a name for it (it’s not permanent yet):

“Matrix Reanimated.” He called it that because by the time the convention comes, the hype for “The Matrix” will have died down and the convention will revive, or reanimate, the hype. Right now he’s looking for companies that could sell things and more people to help him with various things.

Here are the things that he has come up with so for:

It will be four days long (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday).
The dates are July 15th-18th, 2004.
The movie theater of McCormick Place would show a part of the Matrix each night (Thursday: “The Animatrix”, Friday: “The Matrix”, Saturday: “The Matrix Reloaded”, and Sunday: “The Matrix Revolutions”).
A few rooms in McCormick Place will show anime and live-action movies inspired by and based off of “The Matrix” as well as fan movies.
People can dress up like they were in the Matrix.
Groups of people can become a crew of a ship.
A room or two with video games in the vein of “The Matrix”.
Bands can come and play songs inspired by “The Matrix”.
There’d be a few rooms for discussions and debates about various Matrix philosophies and such.
McCormick Place could be decorated with Matrix stuff.
Matrix trivia games.
“Scene Reinactment” and “Mimicking” contests.
The Dating Game: Matrix-style.
Martial Arts demonstrations.

He’ll have more ideas and some of those will be fleshed-out more later.

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