Matrix Convention?

A huge Matrix fan e-mailed me today, asking me to help spread the word about the first ever Matrix Convention, possibly to happen in the Summer of 2004, while we are all whisked away playing The Matrix Online, and writing our conclusive essays on the Matrix Trilogy.

The Matrix Convention would take place in McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois, USA. I’m going to be talking with this person for more details as to possible costs, events, and more that may happen at the convention.

I’m now opening up a forum dedicated to talking about the possible convention for next summer.

The reason for it to be located in Chicago is because the Wachowski Brothers are from there. Plus, going to Chicago, there is a lot to do besides a convention. There is Shedd’s Aquarium, The Museum of Science and Industry, and the Sears Tower.

Keep your eyes peeled as more information and details arise from this possible occurrence. We’ll see what we can make of this.

For more information on the location for the convention, visit:

To discuss the possible convention, visit: Matrix Convention