MFN Takeover – UPDATED

Today has to be the saddest day in MFN history for me and hundreds, maybe thousands of it’s loyal members. I personally have been up the past few hours trying to piece it all together literally sobbing. So much that I’m nearly at a loss.
I honestly do not know how to break this to everyone. It’s very late breaking and I volunteered to post this for Specter. He is undoubtedly extremely busy right now.
Let me get this out of the way first.

MFN Takeover Announcement:

To the members and friends of MatrixFans.Net, I’m sorry to announce that MFN will no longer be run by myself, or any other Moderator who has been previously affiliated with MFN. The domain name, along with all things that fall under it, will now be the property of

This announcement comes on the heels of copyright infringment allegations by Warner Bros., leading to an investigation into the MFN store, which sells Matrix merchandise. MFN has never received approval from Warner Bros. to sell or distribute the merchandise, but has continued to do so for over two years. The money received was used to maintain the unofficial website. will be taking over the ownership and administration of MFN, effective 5 April 2004. TMC, having being affiliated with Warner Bros. in the past, does not want the popular fansite to die, and has made agreements with the owner and moderators of the site. The stipulations of the agreement are as follows:

The owner and moderators of MatrixFans.Net are to never be affiliated with this site in anyway, to include posting on the site’s forums. In doing such, they will ensure that legal action is not pressed further and that the site will remain in the hands of the true Matrix fans. Starting 5 April 2004, the member names on the attached list are hereby banned for one year from all officially associated fansites, to include MFN, TMC,, and the official Matrix site. After the ban is lifted, none on this list can hold the position of Administrator or Moderator on any Matrix related site.

Mr. bojangles
Neo Reloaded
Pretzely Wetzely
The Watcher

Coming from Specter I can virtually feel the emotion coming off of it. Holding everything back as painful as it might be. We are all hurting right now and many of us are in every sense, speechless.
Specter: You are our fearless leader and we are behind you every step of the way, 100%. We will always be here for you in whatever endevour. Whatever path you decide to give us the pleasure of following. None of this, what MFN has become, would be possible if it weren’t for you. You know how we all feel, and we know you feel the same.

It’s been a great 18 months that I’ve been able to share with all of you, and I honestly do not feel we’re going to be gone for long. After all, we know nothing is forever. I feel like a child is being taken away from me. A pain that I’ve only been able to imagine.
We have no control over this. We choose not to fight it to ensure the safety of your “home away from home.” We are truely and deeply saddened, and we are sorry it had to come to this. I wish I had more answers, and I’m sure within the next few days, more answers will come to light.

A wise man once said: “Technically you can never really lose someone. Nor can they be lost beyond redemption.”
Believe me when I say that this very quote means everything to us and we will hold it close to our hearts up to the day when we are allowed to come back.
Please, please do not hold this against anybody that shall be taking over the reigns of MFN and it’s property. They are only doing what they have to do. I only hope they can provide the atmosphere that all of us have strived and fought to provide for all of you.
We ask that calm and patience be the key words for the days to follow. No matter how hard or impossible it might be for some of us, we have assured TMC that we will not revolt or act out in any way, shape or form.
Somehow, someway…we’ll see each other again.
See you on the boards.

From the deepest of our hearts,

Your MFN Administrators & Moderators


Specter: *ahem* April Fools day is April 1st. In some parts of the world, April 1st came when this was dated March 31, as this site is not based in New Zealand or Australia. And now April 1st is over there, so here we have it.

April Fools. Thank you to all who enjoyed this little prank, albeit a cruel one. Now, about that “EMP Blast” phone…I want one… You reading this Samsung?

Have a safe and wonderful April Fools Day everyone.

Let’s take a look back at the last big April Fools Joke, that I got hate mail for:

All the way from 2002, it’s Fievel Fans!

April 1, 2002 Welcome to the new era for Over the next few weeks, we will be making a complete transition to “Fievel Fans!” as the rise in popularity for this mouse grows. Fievel has outclassed Neo in every way, and has become the true hero of the 21st Century!

We are very excited to have the opportunity to bring you the latest news on the exploits of Fievel, Tony, Tiger, and the gang, as they search for Fievel’s family, whether in New York, or “way out west.”

This is an adventure that is fun for the WHOLE family, and we at feel that we can reach a bigger audience with this change. It’s been a fun three years of covering the Matrix, and we will miss it, but with the market for An American Tail screaming for attention, we couldn’t pass this up. Sure, it’s shocking, but we thought long and hard about this decision, and after much toil and deliberation, we have decided to officially announce it, and begin remaking the site piece by piece. It’s going to take some time to replace everything.

Join us on this adventure of a lifetime!
Here is our new logo, which should be visible on the main page very soon, or right now:

So stick with us! This will be quite an adventure!


MAJOR: I want all of you to know, that I love you all in your own special way. This was never, ever meant to do any harm to any of you. It went on too far, and we’re completely aware of it, which is why we had a hand in letting the joke out of the box.

MFN’s members should know by now that they’re why I’m here doing what I do. Everything is for you. A joke that went somewhat wrong, but it’s expected. You people love this place just as much as I do, and I can’t blame any of you for one second if you decide to think differently of me, or any other mod for that matter.
But we’ll still be here doing what we’re supposed to do which is working for you.

And another thing. There are a couple of mods that were not in on this at all. Never helped plan it, never said a word until now. I’m not saying who they are. If they want to let you know, that’s up to them.

It was a collective idea by myself, plastik, and Specter. Sure TMC jumped in once they knew it was a joke. The PM’s I recieved from Igpajo, were praising the joke and how funny he thought it was. Which is how the thread started by, none other than Igpajo himself, an old friend of mine, had got started at TMC. He was very helpful and simply wanted to run with ours in an attempt to play some kind of hoax on his own members.

I want to publicly apologize to anyone that may have honestly felt betrayed, hurt, dishonored, let down, etc…
Apologies from the bottom of my heart. I never wanted anyone to be hurt. And for some of you, I just couldn’t bare it anymore which is why I everntually broke down and told you via PM. I honestly didn’t care if you broke the secret out because myself along with most mods wanted this to end. As soon as humanly possible. Don’t ask why it took so long, because some things just aren’t meant to be known.

Thanks to everybody that was in on it, it was fun for a while, but I sure as hell am glad it’s over.

Oh and uhh…Happy April Fools Day!!

*sits exhaustedly down in his chair and lights a cig*


Cagey: Alright….. We’ve been through a lot… personally I am shocked, elated, and surprised that this has gone on for so long….
Cetainly a testament to how much each and everyone of US love MFN dearly.
I’m also very happy that this whole thing is over, because I don’t really enjoy fibbing about this. And I had to fib to a lot of you people, that are such wonderful people and I had to sit and watch you suffer. It wasn’t that much fun. I was afraid of people being really pissed off and hurt at us. And I had no idea that our partners in crime *smirks at vel* would go along with the idea.

Not all the mods knew or planned it. I had actually planned my own prank today that didn’t exactly make it, because well… wow… this sort of blew up bigger than i dunno what.


I must of course humbly apologize to any person who took great offense, humbly thank those who helped out, and kept a good secret, and those who were freaked out beyond reason…. *smiles* we aren’t going anywhere…. we fricking love this place. We are absolutely so very very happy to be a part of this place, and absolutely happy to help this community. We’ve imput alot..and noone is going to force us from our home.

We love you all…guys…seriously..

Happy April Fools…

and let’s think up some good ones next year…


Sentient1: Critics agree, MFN Takeover is not to be missed.

Niobity calls it “One Hell of an Emotional Rollercoaster”.

“I almost wet my pants”, agrees Trinity.

“I couldn’t be sure who was joking, acting, or telling the truth,” raves Level_41.

If you only see one April Fool’s prank this summer, don’t miss this one.