Interview with Trinity Impersonator Deborah Smith Ford (Part 2)

Here we have part two of two in our interview series with Trinity impersonator Deborah Smith Ford!  The interview was conducted by Endo Morgan, especially for!  The New York City photography for this story was done by Israel David Groveman.

You were in the controversial “Bully” with John Connor *ahem* Nick Stahl, playing his mother, did the nature of the script worry you at all and who did you enjoy working with?

THAT is an amazing story.  Will try to keep it short.   I NEVER saw the full script, actually I thought the word “Bully” referred to Teddy Roosevelt!  As the courtrooms we were in on the first day were kind of old looking, so I thought it was a period piece, featuring a U.S. president, really!

All I knew was that I was supposed to be background/an extra in a courtroom scene inside a real courtroom.  I was sitting there with everyone else, resting my head on my “change of clothes” like extras are suppose to bring, when my name was called – although I never heard it.  I dozed off, and someone had to wake me.

I got up, a bit dazed, and walked away with the production assistant. I sat in another courtroom, shook hands with some people (turned out to be producer and director – I didn’t know at the time either), stood up for a height check with my possible movie husband, was excused to freshen up in bathroom and upon looking in mirror saw that my hair, eyeglasses, blouse were all dishevelled!  I was so embarrassed.

I quickly retouched my look, returned to set and began “acting.”  I had NO lines, did cry in first scene though and looked very sad/angry, as Nick’s character, my character’s son, was already killed before that scene.  I was close to getting a line in the 2nd scene we shot, at one point, and it was Nick Stahl who was encouraging me to get one. But a lot of acting still happens with no lines, believe me.

In other words, I was upgraded to a feature part.  I shot that day, did not meet Nick yet, for the obvious reason above, and by end of the day as I was checking out, we were given our salary, and mine, I thought, was too much.  So I got back in line to say there was a mistake – that’s another story.  But I got to keep it – an upgrade means more money!

Then I showed up another day to shoot, this time with Nick.  When I was introduced to him, we shook hands, and he called me Mom all the time, even off set. I got to ride around with him back and forth from trailer to set, along with the late (that’s sad) Brad Renfro.

Every time we tried to get into our vehicle a crowd would run to us, yell and take photos. They had a barricade and police to keep them at a distance.  Of course I knew none of the fans were there for me, it was for the young men, but I enjoyed it just the same.

Brad always sat up front, and Nick and I in the back.  I had my own dressing room too, in a trailer, that was way cool.  Okay, this is too long. YES, I enjoyed it!  Can you tell?  When I discovered the nature of the film, I did think: “Oh, another film I can’t let children look at.”

If you could list your top five movie heroines who would they be?

1)Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor in Terminator, 2)Jolie’s Lara Croft, 3)Geena Davis’ Morgan Adams in Cutthroat Island, 4)Michelle Pfeiffer as Katya Orlova in Russia House and of course, 5) Moss’ Trinity!

What Character is the most fun to impersonate?

Mary Katherine Gallagher (from SNL and Superstar) is the most fun. She’s a good change now and then and the total opposite of Trinity.  But Trinity is still my fave and most popular.

So just how cold do you have to be to be a good Queen of Narnia?

Not that I look like Tilda Swinton, but a lookalike agent called me after seeing the Narnia movie with his daughter and said that I just had to be her – that chisled look I guess. The preparation for her is humungous, and I created or made her whole wardrobe – quite proud of it.  How cold?  Very. And I get to toy with a bit of an accent as well.  I’m used to playing evil characters in my real life acting, so that is a fitting part as well.

You also write childrens books, how important is your imagination to your literature and the other aspects of your work?

Reading and writing, even since a child, have not been of extreme interest to me, mostly because I could never sit still! – NOT attention deficit disorder, , just very active in other things.  Although I did keep a diary/journal and enjoyed reading and writing when it came to school assignments, just not for the fun of it.  My writing books now, I hope, is a way for children to enjoy reading!

You brought up a good word – imagination.  I guess one could say I was and am full of that.  My first children’s book began in the 80s as a college assignment.  I pulled it back out (not literally as couldn’t find it for a while in attic, have it now, somewhere) of my mind and heart, did a rewrite, hired a professional illustrator (I had originally illustrated it), found a publishing company and within three years it was on the shelves.  Discovered later that time period was at least twice as long as it should have been.

Since I pattern my writing, of books that is (I write articles too), after my life, well some of it, I also tend to pattern my writing, somewhat all of it, after everything I do – work, of all kinds, included!

You come from an historic bloodline… your plans for world domination appear to be progressing nicely. What inspires you to succeed in life?

If you mean a U.S. president on my dad’s side, then yes there is.  He was the short president, eighth one, with very long sideburns – Martin Van Buren.

hmmmm world domination – nah, I have too much on my plate now, unless I can get a double myself, (I’ve had one before in a Beowulf film), and then she can take on that responsibility, thank you very much.

Inspiration for me has come from those throughout my life who have supported me, been strong when others might not be, being able to turn the other cheek, and be Christ-like.  As far as I’m concerned, the main part of my life, that I’ve already lived, has been my success (not that there can’t be more, but if there is not more, I am okay with that).  And the successes I speak of are my children, other family, friends, and any positive seeds that I might have planted along the way, even accidentally!  That works for me, and that is my true success.

If you could share with us one piece of wisdom you have learned from life, what would it be?

Oh my, this is difficult to put into writing. I’d say wisdom and patience walk hand in hand. Not the kind of wisdom one gets from books, but rather one’s experiences, the ups and downs.  It’s okay to have the downs, but only if one learns from them, and know this, there always WILL be downs.  I find myself, when “down” happens, better able lately to just smile about it and move on, as there is always someone else out there with more of a DOWN (problem)than me. – That’s it about that.

How can people find out more about you?

Thank you for asking, as not everyone does, this is great.  I used to just have two sites – my personal ones are at:
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More fun links I’m at:

(Use my full name when looking for me at some sites or when googling, and that is: Deborah Smith Ford)

Now with the writing of book(s) and my articles, I have a few more links. My first book, The Little Apple, (two more under construction) can be seen at:
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  1. Mrs. Ford is as great in an interview as she is in person. She is so sweet. It was a pleasure to meet her when she came to talk to my class. Looking forward to have the chance to see her again. Feb. 2011

  2. Great article! I spoke with her recently and she has been to several Cons and book signings lately all over the US! Keep up the INTERESTING work Deborah!

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