Matrix Online Closed Beta is doing a CLOSED Beta run for the Matrix online where you you join them, you can sign up to register for an… well, let me just cut-and-paste this:

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Sega and FilePlanet are offering 20,000 The Matrix Online keys to access the Beta. Subscribers will get the chance to play as a FilePlanet exclusive in The Matrix Online Beta. Every week on Tuesday we’ll be releasing 5,000 authentication keys to subscribers only on a first come, first served basis over the span of a month. The first set of 5,000 keys have come and GONE! Stay tuned for next week when we will have another 5,000 keys for your enjoyment.

Last Tuesday, in the fastest key distribution in FilePlanet’s history, The Matrix Online Beta keys were released to a rabid gaggle of fans. This Limited Key Beta delivery will be back this next coming Tuesday, October 19th with 5,000 more keys! Last time we told you what time they would be available, this time we’re going to keep you guessing. Check our site all day Tuesday for your chance to join the world of the Matrix; you have got to be here to get it!

Thanks to Robnhud