Matrix Online Box Art

Preorder The Matrix Online today and get a “jump” on the competition—in more ways than one.

When you preorder The Matrix Online you’re not only reserving a copy of the game, but also the following preorder exclusives:

* Advanced-level Hyper-Jump ability in The Matrix Online.
You get a special, collectible Ability code that allows your character to Hyper-Jump from the first day The Matrix Online goes live.
* Access to The Matrix Online beta test.
You’ll be given access to The Matrix Online beta test on November 18.
* Early entry into The Matrix Online.
You will be able to jack in and play the game three days before The Matrix Online goes live to the public.

It’s time to choose where you want to be this November, coppertop. Preorder The Matrix Online and make sure you don’t get left holding a blue pill on launch day.

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