Matrix Auditions Phone Number

A few details on the Auditions coming up:
More news if you want to audition for the Matrix in Sydney this weekend. They are being specific as they are casting for body doubles…so talent is not really an issue.

The Auditions are being held at the Newtown Theater on King Street. The agency is looking for men only of slim build between 6 foot and 6 foot 2. You should turn up in a shirt and suit jacket.

If you want to attend then contact the agency on (02)83532262 and good luck.

Nerje called the number and told me this:

All I can really tell you that you don’t know is that the exact address is 354 King Street, Newtown.
If correct they’ll photograph you and get details, please don’t turn up if you aren’t the correct height because they’ll turn you away.

The time they want you is from 10am ’til 1pm.

Technical Details:
Newtown Theater, 354 King Street, Newtown, Sydney

Saturday 8th September, 10am until 1pm

Males, no shorter than 6 ft (183cm) and no taller than 6 ft 2 (188cm), of SLIM BUILD. Wear a shirt with a suit jacket if possible.

If you don’t fit this description they don’t want you to turn up, because they will turn you away. However, if you are what they’re looking for, they will get your photo and details on the day.

*Phone Number:

The phone number Nerje called is known as “The Extras Department Information Line” and is a recorded message, which will only give you the above information. Nerje will be there with a camera, bugging people.

Best of Luck!

Updates: They had such a big turnout, that they regulated it so that you HAD to be exactly 6’2″ tall.

Here was one auditioner’s experience: Well I went along. Did the height check before I left – 6 foot 1 – o.k. Turned up to find a line of people about 2 blocks long and 5 people wide. 3 hours later had worked our way to the entrance. Only to be told by some bimbo that I was “too short” and sent on my way. What a load of crap !! I looked at the mark they were using to measure – drawn on the wall outside the theatre – it was AT LEAST 6 foot 2. There were guys taller than me that she was labelling as too short. She said why are you guys lining up if you’re not 6 foot. Then one guy stepped up and she said “oh I don’t know go inside..” People were not happy. I got home and double checked in case I had shrunk… even squashing my hair down I was still over 6 foot. I could handle being told I was too ugly, too dumb, too boring.. whatever else but I obviously was not too short. Such is show business and the people who control it !