Keanu Pushed himself to the limit

The Internet Movie Database is reporting on Keanu’s rough training now. I get the feeling that this is news from months ago, but IMDb is just NOW reporting it. I haven’t seen any rumors of a CURRENT injury, so just take this with a grain of salt unless we hear that it’s a NEW report.

Movie megastar Keanu Reeves had to train extra hard for the upcoming Matrix sequel – so hard he ended up in hospital. The Matrix Reloaded is not due for release until 2003, but is already in production along with a third installment, planned for 2004. And Reeves – who plays Neo in the flicks – says the movies are set to be bigger and deadlier than the original. He promises, “Last time all the fights for Neo were one on one. Now it’s one on five.” And training for the scenes was so rigorous he put himself in plaster while working out. He adds, “I got a trauma on my ankle that put me in a cast for four days.”