Hugo Weaving talks on Triple M Radio Show

On July 6th Hugo Weaving was a guest on the Andrew Denton Breakfast Show, the morning slot on Sydney’s MMM Radio. During the course of the chat, Andrew and Mick brought up some very interesting questions, with even more interesting answers.

He made note that the action is a major step ahead from what was seen in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and would absolutely blow the audience away. From the sounds of it, if you had fun with the first movie, then with the second and third you’ll have a heart attack.

Also, when he was asked about what psycho stunts he had to perform, he mentioned that he would be “fighting himself” and this involved working in front of a green screen solo. With all the rumours circulating about Smith splitting into multiple Agents, does this mean he won’t have control over them? Maybe it’s the first step of the virus side-effects we keep hearing about…

Other facts mentioned in the talk were that they would be filming until about mid next-year, and that Hugo had “pretty little pixie ears” in his upcoming role as a high elf in The Lord of the Rings.