Another Matrix 2 plot? Be wary….. – UPDATED

I just found yet another plot for the Matrix Reloaded. Be wary though, this one comes via an untested source. What is contained may or may not be true in the slightest sense. Either way though, don’t read if you want to stay spoiler free. Here it is:

[SPOILER] Neo will discover he got a son before get got out from the Matrix and he [made] a big mistake thinking he was the one, actually it was his son. Trinity and others will try then to get out the son of Neo from Matrix, but Neo think the child must just stand into the Matrix, cause he can’t live in the real and polluted world. [SPOILER]

My thoughts are this: (SPOILERS) I would think Neo would want his kid out of the Matrix no matter the cost. He could grow up safe in Zion. But, I don’t believe Neo has a kid, he had been searching for Morpheus for far too long. I don’t think his life as a hacker and his job would leave him time for anything else. Plus, look at how he was when he DID go out to the party with Choi, standing by himself, watching it all. Not a very on-the-town kind of guy.

I was right: EDITOR’S NOTE: I checked out this information. It turns out that ‘sumakhet’ conveyed the wrong message, in terms of where the scoop was from, and it was actually his idea for the Matrix sequel from a script he wrote. Sorry for the confusion. Cool idea though.