Having a hard time waiting for Reloaded?

Here’s something to tide you over until The Matrix Reloaded comes in May. It’s a movie called “Equilibrium.”

You have to see this film.

As much as Hollywood likes to focus on yesterday, it’s tomorrow that poses the most fertile ground for storylines. Painting a picture of the world as a better, less restrained place isn’t all that fun (unless you enjoy post-apocalyptic wastelands) so filmmakers tend to focus on the oppressive Orwellian stuff.

Fine by me, and fine by you judging from the robust business being done by science fiction films and novels since mankind realized that there are books around that don’t feature psalms and whatnot. Using similar themes as stories as diverse as Brave New World, Gattaca, Fahrenheit 451, and 1984, the upcoming Dimension Films release Equilibrium knows what’s interesting in science fiction and action and takes it for a wonderful drive around the block.

The film people are going to compare this movie to first and foremost will be The Matrix, because it’s fresh on the mind and also featured some of the same themes and some showstopping action scenes.

As much as I love The Matrix, I think this film deserves a little more credit than being considered a story in the same vein. It’s a less showy, more cerebral film.

We’re always shoehorned into summing films up by using other films as references, and more often than not it’s unfair to the film we’re trying to describe. All films (well, except maybe for Being John Malkovich and The Dark Backward) are amalgams of whatever inspired its author. Star Wars drew upon the work of Kurosawa, E.E. “Doc” Smith, and others while Spielberg gained inspiration from David Lean. It’s a circle, and Equilibrium is no exception. You can feel the roots of some of the classic science fiction stories making up the foundation of this film, but Kurt Wimmer’s movie does something few films achieve, let alone aspire to.

It shows us stuff we’ve never seen before.

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In Theatres Dec. 6th

Source: CHUD