Enter the Matrix To Complement Matrix Sequels

The latest issue of Time Magazine looks at how video games have received attention from Hollywood. They mention Enter the Matrix in the article:

The next step forward will occur when the two movie sequels to The Matrix arrive in 2003, along with their videogame companion, Enter the Matrix. “Companion,” because Matrix creators Larry and Andy Wachowski–hardcore gamers both–have been actively involved in the development of the game, conceived as a complement and continuation of the movies. This will finally bring The Matrix to the very medium that, had things gone differently, might have spawned it. “When we first had the script for The Matrix,” recalls Lorenzo di Bonaventura, the former Warner Bros. exec who shepherded the project, “I realized how difficult it was going to be to get it made in to a movie. So I went into the then heads of Warner Bros. and said, ‘Why don’t we make a game out of this first, build a brand, then turn it in to a movie?’ Because it just seemed so applicable.”

Games are the bait to lure us into a Bill Gates tomorrowland, according to the article.

To get there, industry creatives must find a way to make games more accessible to the consumer who doesn’t have the schedule (or patience) for marathon immersions in Orkworld. “Our consumers don’t play for 50 hours [over the life of a game] anymore. They want 3, 4, 10 hours; they want quick emotional satisfaction,” says Bruno Bonnell, chairman and CEO of Infogrames, which will publish 2003’s Matrix game. “By changing the evolution of design, by changing the mind-set of the designer, we will be able to increase our population.”