Another Reloaded Set Report, this one’s from AICN

This post is a little on the goofy side. The whole Scooby Doo thing and all. Warning though, it does contain SPOILERS about Zion and what may happen during the Matrix Sequels there. Bear with it though, if you are the type to read spoilers:

Daphne revolts against her oppressors and dishes on MATRIX 2!!!

Hey folks, Harry here…. Why bash SCOOBY DOO? Because you get cool scoops from the real live Daphne and gang about MATRIX 2. Even fictional characters seek revenge against their corporate oppressors… Examine Daphne’s attempt at revolution… scooping on the set of MATRIX 2…. Mild spoilers ahead….

Jinkies Mr Knowles!!!

This is Daphne! You have been so good as to defend the honor of myself and the rest of the bunch against that fraud being called the Scooby Doo movie, that I figured that I, being the leader of the crew; The duty of paying you back fell to me.

Solving mysteries and pulling the masks off old coots has gotten a bit old, but Shaggy, Velma, Fred and Scoobs all took time off of fake ghosts hunting to sneak aboard the shooting of MATRIX 2!

Amazing what batting your eyes and raising your skirt above mid-thigh can accomplish, but all that running has paid off and I have a few snacks for you and your loyal readers!

Visiting Zion was quite a trip. It was mostly made up of large underground sets with big stalactites and all the folks were in gauzy outfits about 900 mostly african american extras had to be separately fitted for sometimes quite skimpy outfits muscly guys in satin skirts, you should have seen Shaggy and Scooby! Morpheus gave a speech about the machines near the entrance to the underground city, “Citizens shouldn’t forget we are here we are Zion and we are not leaving!” And the crowd shouted out “hurray,” then a band started to play some very pulsing rhythmic music and extras start to dance you know to rally for the troops. Jada is in the scene but she didn’t say anything. Later the creep from OZ in the wheelchair and Aliyah are lovers of some sort and dance in one scene and embrace while explosions rock the caves in another. Also the Velma got her hands on a cool tape that had edited footage of Mr. Anderson fighting off about 15 agent Smiths. Amazing. Apparently they’ve created a motion capture unit capable of shooting 17 different actors at once to make for one of the most amazing action scenes I’ve ever seen.

Here’s a little more for tonight: Some part of Zion is known as junction 12 unless that scene gets a complete voice over, also Trinity and Neo make out…Duh. I had to watch that about 40 times. Fred was smiling all during this and looking at me, but I only have eyes for you Harry. Are you more interested in plot points or do you want to know every last detail I can reap from memory like, the lava pits looked fake and junk like that?

Let me know, the gang and I are here for you. And just so you know, Velma returned the tape, we investigate, we don’t steal. But it was mighty cool evidence to be sure!