13th Street interviews Matrix Composer Don Davis

I just received an e-mail from Christine about a 13th Street interview with the composer for The Matrix and it’s sequels! Take a look!

Part 1: The Coming Of Matrix Reloaded
By Smilin’ Jack Ruby

Welcome back to Part 2 of our interview with Jurassic Park 3 composer, Don Davis. Here in Part 2, we talk Matrix
13th St: So, when do you start work on Matrix 2? Have they already contracted you?

Don: Yes.

13th St: What are you looking forward to?

Don: Well, it’s great working with Larry and Andy (Wachowski), because what they come up with is so sensational. They’re very collaborative and they’re very fair to the people they work with.

13th St: Have you ever thought about bringing back material from some of your work that people may not have heard as much that you still enjoy and incorporating it into new scores?

Don: Well, mining your own material – that carries a negative connotation and a positive one. What I like to think of, when I’m looking back on some of the things that I’ve done is, is to take a certain sequence or something that I’d considered pretty successful and try to expand upon it. I do that when I’m writing concert pieces. It’s a little more experimental from my point of view. I have a commission to write a string quartet.

13th St: Oh, really? Cool. For who?

Don: The New Hollywood String Quartet. I’m going to be looking to expand upon some things that previously I’ve done that have been successful.