The Matrix wins Four Academy Awards

By Paul Martin March 30th, 2000, in The Matrix

The Matrix took all 4 academy awards it was nominated for.  Including: Visual Effects, Editing, Sound and Sound Effects.

With FOUR Oscar wins, Matrix swept the competition (primarily from Episode 1) away, including wins by Editor Zach Staenberg, Visual Effects Supervisor John Gaeta, and Sound Designer/Supervising Sound Editor Dane Davis. The picture won for Best Sound, Sound Effects editing, Visual Effects and Editing.

In attendance of the awards was Keanu Reeves, who also presented.

Quotes from winners included ‘So this is how far the rabbit hole goes’; ‘there is no spoon’ to giving out the URL of the official site. Fantastic work!

There was a small backlash from Episode 1 supporters, but I’ve heard a very strong argument that Matrix won the effects awards because they were used most effectively to forward the story.

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