Matrix Prequel News

Thanks to Clare, from AICN:
I don’t know if anyone already emailed you about this, but I just caught the very end of the interview that was on a local talk radio show 97.1 KLSX last night. They were talking to John Gaeta about the up coming Academy awards and such and then they mentioned Matrix 2 and 3. He also said there was also going to be a prequel that was going Anime. Gaeta also said it was going to be about the whole back story and how things started to go wrong. He said they were looking at how to release it, and said the Internet and DVD were two very strong possibilities. Sounded pretty cool. He also talked very non-descript about Matrix 2 and 3 and said not to worry the Wachowski brothers have something very cool planned with stuff that has never been seen before. Just thought you might like to know.